Cut The Rope in review – What’s An Angry Bird?

If you haven’t heard by now, Cut the Rope is the Angry Birds killer.  After having spent some time with it, I can begin to see where they might make that claim.  Of course it’s a completely different style of gameplay than Angry Birds, but from my point of view it’s a bit more accessible from a difficulty standpoint.  Besides, how can you not love Om Nom?  Will it’s dethroning of the champion be permanent?  I’m not sure, but in the mean time I’m just going to enjoy it for what it is – an incredibly fun physics based puzzler with an adorable protagonist.

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Moonsters in Review – Who Knew Tofu Flew?

I’m noticing an interesting trend in the App Store lately.  It seems that many of the most popular puzzle games involve bright, colorful characters in fun settings.  That’s perfectly fine by me, and Moonsters is no exception to the rule.  You play a trio of quirky aliens that are lost, hungry and just want to go home.  The game feels like something ripped from a Disney cartoon, yet it’s challenging enough to give even the seasoned puzzle gamers pause when trying to score four stars on a level.  Do you have what it takes to get these poor creatures home?

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Heroes Of Kalevala in Review – Virtual Villagers meets match 3?

The App Store is littered with match 3 games, so one would think we’ve had enough of them by now.  The truth is that there’s always room for another match 3, as long as that game either plays exceptionally well or brings something new to the table.  Fortunately, Heroes of Kalevala does both, making it a refreshing addition to the genre – or is it a village simulator that just happens to use match 3 boards as its means for resource gathering? Continue reading…

Puzzle Agent updated with graphical fix

iPhone Screenshot 2

TellTale Games has finally updated Puzzle Agent with the much needed graphical fix, with version 1.1 now being optimized for the Retina Display. As mentioned in our review, the game originally contained issues with encoding during cutscenes, which meant that the visuals were extremely blurry for a good part of the adventure. Now that this has been fixed, the game should be much more playable for most casual players.

If you haven’t picked up Puzzle Agent yet, it’s currently on sale at $0.99 and also included in Apple’s Big Games, Great Prices roundup. One word of caution though. The update will, unfortunately, render your previous saved data useless. So for those of you who’re nearly finished the game (or don’t wish to start over), you may want to hold off on v1.1 until a later time.

Puzzle Agent Telltale Games, Puzzle Agent (TMA Review) – $0.99

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Beyond Ynth in Review – A Cool Puzzler with a Steep Learning Curve

Beyond Ynth is a new puzzler by FDG Entertainment, who is no stranger to the App Store, having published titles like Across Age , Kryzer, and Parachute Panic. It is the official successor to Ynth, which was released over a year ago by In Beyond Ynth, you play as Kribl, a ladybug sent by the queen of Kriblonia on a quest to retrieve the diamonds scattered by the four dark spiders of the apocalypse. In order to do so, you must travel through wooden mazes, dodge obstacles and collect diamonds whenever possible.

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Slideshot 2 In Review – Puzzle perfection!

I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll probably say it at least a thousand times again. I love puzzle games. I spend a lot of time in transit on buses, trains, etc. and puzzle games are perfect time-killers. Recently I was able to get my hands on Slideshot 2, a great sequel title from developers mschomerus. Read on to see how the puzzle pieces fit.

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Touch’n Go: Slice it! – Geometric challenge!

I can see why my wife was completely addicted to this puzzler. With its graffiti graphics and cute music, Slice It! may look like a quick little game, but it ain’t. It’s a cleverly disguised geometric puzzler that can tickle your brain for hours. Your mission? Divide shapes into equal parts in order to pass to the next level. Currently, there are 40 levels with more promised from Com2uS in the near future.

Slice It! Com2uS Inc., Slice It!, 14.30MB – $0.99

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Alice In Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond The Mirror in Review – Up is down, left is right and the world is spinning round…

Alice in Wonderland is one m-m-maaaaad story. The adventures of a young girl in the mysterious world have been made into one of the best Disney cartoons and inspired millions of girls around the world to follow the white rabbit. The followup story, Alice Through the Looking Glass, is not as well known, though the recent Tim Burton adaptation certainly will fix this soon. And hot on the heels of the movie is, of course, a companion iPhone release – Alice In Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond The Mirror .

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Rare Metal – a sweet-looking new slide puzzle for car geeks

Yikes, what memories flood back to this 30 year old as Rare Metal’s screens slide by my eyes. I used to be a car guy way back in 1988 (I was nine years old). I’d sit up all night looking over pictures of the then-new Ferrari F40 and Porsche 950, and dream. Geez, well Black Ice Applications (fitting don’t you think?) have just rolled out (oh the puns) Rare Metal, a puzzler for car geeks, and it looks good. Hell, combine cool metal with any puzzle game and it’s all good, but with a slide puzzle? the sort you carried around between two dirty thumbs as a child? It’s all reaaaaaaal good! This 0.99$ app features seven cars and 5 levels of difficulty. Woot!

Rare Metal Black Ice Applications, Rare Metal, 3.84MB – $0.99

Touch’n Go: Dreams HD – dreamily addictive

It’s no shame on me to love spot-the-difference titles. And it’s no shame on me to say that Dreams HD is one of the best in the business of spotting the difference. What it’s got going for it: hand-drawn scenes, serene music, lots and lots of differences to spot, and enough levels, is charming to say the least. You don’t have to fuddle with strange FindIT interfaces or waste time zooming in and out endlessly. There are several difficulty settings that will help you enjoy the same levels again and again as indeed, you rarely will play the same level in exactly the same way.

Dreams HD Greyhound Games, Dreams HD, 9.88MB – $1.99

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