DS Effects releases 51-in-1 App!


Just last month, we saw 5 quality devs team up to bring us 5 Games in 1, where well received games like Up There and Sneezies were bundled up for a fantastic price. Well not to be outdone, DS Effects has released their own bundle, in the form of ‘All 51 Games‘ (how creative!).


Incredible collection of 51 games!!!
1 download, 1 icon…51 games!

For those not familiar, DS Effects has quickly become the Uew Boll of iPhone gaming. A quick browse at the App Store and you’ll find that the majority of their games have garnered an average of 1-2 stars in customer ratings. Granted, reviews at the App Store should be taken with a grain of salt…still, you really have to wonder with all that negative feedback.

So if you have a extra buck to spare, 51 games does sound like a pretty good deal, especially if you value quantity over quality. To think of it, even if only 10 of these games are somewhat enjoyable, a measley dollar won’t burn a hole in your wallet. [All 51 Games, $0.99]

UNO in Review – Set to the Soundtrack of U2’s ‘One’

uno1There are few card games that do not use the standard deck of poker cards that achieve fame and recognition. Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Hwatu (A Korean Game)… the list hold a scant amount of names. Uno, though, deserves a space in this pantheon of amazing and great card games.

The App game UNO, published by Gameloft, also deserves distinction. It both faithfully translates the game to the iDevice platform and delivers excellent and intuitive controls.

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Smack Me in Review – Simon Says Grab Me

smackme_pic1When asked to do a review of Smack Me, based on the apps name my initial thought was, “I hope this isn’t one of those apps where some ladies breasts are wobbling around the screen!” Jumped into the App Store and was surprised to find the app icon had a picture of an 80’s style robot (okay fine, I was somewhat disappointed there wasn’t any wobbling involved). After booting up the app and giving it a go, boy, was I surprised! What I discovered filled me with nostalgia and put a very happy grin on my face.

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The Oregon Trail in Review – Patience is a Virtue

oregontrail1I was looking forward to playing Oregon Trail, simply based on everyone’s nostalgia of playing this classic title on their Apple II.  I can admit I never played the game (at least I don’t remember playing it when I was younger).  It seems it was an educational game played in many elementary schools and was also an extremely difficult game.  This doesn’t seem to be the case here.  It seems to be a very polished, but an extremely forgiving game.

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Wolfenstein 3D Classic in Review – Generation X Nostalgia

Let’s rewind to 1996 shall we? 12 years ago, I had an archaic Packard Bell Desktop Pentium that ran at a snail’s pace of only 75 MHz, but I played lots of games on it. One of those games was Wolfenstein 3D. This game was unlike any other PC game I had played before because it had this new gaming experience of first person perspective! Since the character in Wolfenstein had a gun, this became better known as FPS or First Person Shooter. I was instantly mesmerized by this graphic wonder of FPS!

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Who Has The Biggest Brain? in Review – Shows off the best of the platform

whohasthebiggestbrain1The thing that attracted me most about Who Has The Biggest Brain? was the Facebook version; I’ve played it many times and I must say I really like it. The graphics are funny and that the multitude of simple games offers great entertainment and laughter. Most important, however, is that the game allows the competition between all Facebook users who play this game. When it was released for the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform, I immediately wanted to try it, because I knew that if the game was done correctly, then it can be tremendously fun on a mobile platform. As well, developer Playfish’s offering is also one of the first to use Facebook Connect, a protocol for developers to integrate its applications with the Facebook platform.

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Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children in Review – Not for the ADD Prone

virtualvillagers2_1I had a puppy growing up. I have to admit that if it were not for my sisters’ constant attention and care for it, the puppy would have wasted away. (before PETA gets all haywire about this, the dog was very well cared for… by my sisters) Unfortunately for me, I quickly learned that I do not have the care of attention or the memory for Virtual Villagers 2. In a short while, the continually living populace of my village were facing stagnation, death, and decay. Despite my own failings, Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children is a faithful port of the original game with the same name.

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Hospital Havoc in Review – Heart Pumping Action! + 2 Promo Codes

hospitalhavoc1Hospital Havoc is a game which allows the player to take the role of doctor by admitting, diagnosing, and treating some of the most whacky patients ever encountered. With a challenging campaign, including three levels of difficulty to choose from, 20 career levels, 19 possible illnesses, 3 to 6 bed conditions, 10 addicting scenarios, Hospital Havoc is full twists and turns that will keep you entertained for a long time.

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Five for Fighting – Rockman, TDs and more!

fiveforfighting2Gaming on the iPhone/iPod Touch just keeps getting better and better. Developers have been giving us more new apps than we can possibly handle (at least all at once). The past two days, we’ve even seen some of the hottest old school games from back in the day make their way onto the iDevice: Mega Man II and Wolfenstein 3D Classic. Those who loved these two classic titles will undoubtedly get a kick re-living those memories once again while on-the-go.

TD lovers will be happy to know that ElementalMonster TD and Dungeon Defense bring some new elements and twists to the genre. In ElementalMonster, trading cards are now incorporated into the game and Dungeon Defense invites you to the dark side as you take control of the undead. Last but not least, THQ brings WWE Legends of WrestleMania to the small screen, where 10 WWE legends and a career mode await you. Be sure to check out gameplay videos after the break!

Dungeon Defense – InMotion Software, $2.99
ElementalMonster TD – Hudson, $0.99 (Sale price until March 30th)
WWE Legends of WrestleMania – THQ Wireless, $9.99
Wolfenstein 3D Classic – id Software, $4.99
Mega Man II – Capcom, $4.99

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