Roll For It in Review – A New Style of Dice & Cards


It took me one or two tries to get into Tsuro, but once I did it quickly became one of my – and my kids’ – favorite multi-player games. Without even really knowing anything about it, I was rather excited when I heard that Thunderbox would be releasing a new mobile offering, this time based off of a card collecting physical game. It’s not like a CCG, however, so if that’s your aim you’ll need to look elsewhere. This is a simple game where you roll dice to win cards on the playing field, with the ultimate goal of being the first person to score 40 points. It’s easy to understand, it doesn’t take long to get through an individual game, and it can be rather addictive if you have the right people to play it with. But, it doesn’t quite live up to the bar set by its predecessor.
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Rimelands: Hammer Of Thor in Review – Post-apocolyptic Treasure Hunting

When it comes to RPGs I prefer turn based to real time combat, and while 3D looks spiffy I’d much rather see nicely rendered 2D images.  If it needs to be 3D, then more of an isometric or top down perspective is the way to go.  A world with a well developed history is a bonus, and quests and NPC interaction are basically a must.  As it turns out, Rimelands: Hammer of Thor has all of this in spades, and what at first glance appeared to be “big whoop, another RPG” is now turning into “hey, this is a pretty nice RPG”.

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iZilch in Review – Snake Eyes

izilch1One of the greatest benefits of having a staggering amount of iDevice games at my disposal is that I can usually find one that fits my mood. Do I want something fast paced or slow and thoughtful? Would I want to play an RPG or delve into a sports game. While it is true that the offerings need a few year to be fully fleshed out, seeing the often interesting and varied types of games out there leads me to believe that this is a philosophy that many game developer are pursuing. They are seeking to develop as many game types as there are appetites for them. This is where a game like iZilch comes in.

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