World Series Of Poker Hold ‘Em Legend in Review – Poker? I Barely Know Her!

It seems that poker game apps run the same path as twitter and fart apps; more and more appear everyday. As is the case with most apps though, the majority are either just okay, or plain garbage. Lucky for me, I recently got my hands on a great release from Powerhouse developer Glu Mobile and their sure winner, World Series Of Poker Hold ‘Em Legend.  This is a great app for seasoned vets and newcomers alike, read on to to see how the chips stacked up.

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Tyrian in Review – Old school shooter gets back in touch


Tyrian for iPod/iPhone is a revival of the 1994 cult classic shooter by Eclipse Productions. The game is based upon an open source version of the original called OpenTyrian. I should mention before getting into specifics that due to licensing differences, you will have to download some data files in addition to the app itself. This is perhaps due to the game’s use of files under a GPL license. The whole process only took about a minute on my wifi connection, so it shouldn’t take too long for most. So how does this classic shooter translate on the iDevice? Read on!

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Hover Poker – the bets are in for multiplayer gambling


Yeah, I bet you do! Like gambling that is. Well, Hover Poker, a Texas Hold ‘Em game, may take the blinders from the eyes of computer-poker naysayers with features like anti-cheat, no-limit holdem, an Old-West soundtrack (yes, you read that right), and auto-save. It is being developed by Jormy Games and published by Clickgamer.

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21 & Fun! In Review – Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


There is nothing like walking onto a casino floor. You can feel the excitement & electricity in the air. The dice tumbling across the craps table, the sound of the ball dropping onto the roulette wheel, the sweet smell of Jean Nate perfume filtering off of the group of 70 year old ladies who are flocked around the slot machines while their husbands puff away on their $2 cigars and stare at the scantily dressed waitresses -all beautiful sights and sounds as you walk to your destination…the blackjack table. What, you don’t like the way Jean Nate smells? You allergic to cigar smoke? Ok fine, here is a new twist to your classic blackjack and it’s called 21 & Fun for your iDevice.

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