Strongholds in Review – Build your house of cards and crush the enemy!


I was an avid Magic the Gathering fan and gamer for a couple of years in my university days, and it surprises me why there next to no games that use CCG (Collectable Card Game) mechanics on the iPhone. The genre is perfect for the platform, combining turn-based gameplay, multiplayer, low system requirements and excellent use of in-app purchasing. Well, Digital Worlds has stepped in and laid a claim to the genre!

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World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em in Review – Portable Poker For Persistent Players!


Poker has been growing in popularity again over the last couple years. With multiple shows, console games, and all sorts of swag and merch available, it’s not surprising to see a large selection of poker games at the app store. Recently, I was dealt the World Poker Tour’s (WPT) official app and this review will show you how it played out!

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Texas Wuggle in Review – Poker’s lighter side

iDevice poker apps are a great idea; while you can lose whuffie against your iDevice, or around the world on leaderboards, you don’t have to worry about losing your dosh. Texas Wuggle is an interesting combination of poker and wuggling, and if you couldn’t tell already, is a die-hard casual gambler. This time however, you will arrange cards in order to either become a millionaire, or sit atop the poker circuit in a time-trial stint. Is it fun? Yes it is…

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Hover Poker – the bets are in for multiplayer gambling


Yeah, I bet you do! Like gambling that is. Well, Hover Poker, a Texas Hold ‘Em game, may take the blinders from the eyes of computer-poker naysayers with features like anti-cheat, no-limit holdem, an Old-West soundtrack (yes, you read that right), and auto-save. It is being developed by Jormy Games and published by Clickgamer.

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Solitaire City (Deluxe) in Review – A Very Comprehensive Game


Solitaire is very much a classic that on every platform and there are at least a million different implementations by a million different developers of the game. I mean, seriously, every time a new platform debuts that allows a public SDK, a version of Solitaire is bound to appear within a month, if not sooner. If there isn’t a public SDK, the developer of the platform will make a version themselves.

However, this version is the first I’ve played on the OS X iPhone platform, and I think this is one of the best versions I’ve played, regardless of platform.

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21 & Fun! In Review – Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


There is nothing like walking onto a casino floor. You can feel the excitement & electricity in the air. The dice tumbling across the craps table, the sound of the ball dropping onto the roulette wheel, the sweet smell of Jean Nate perfume filtering off of the group of 70 year old ladies who are flocked around the slot machines while their husbands puff away on their $2 cigars and stare at the scantily dressed waitresses -all beautiful sights and sounds as you walk to your destination…the blackjack table. What, you don’t like the way Jean Nate smells? You allergic to cigar smoke? Ok fine, here is a new twist to your classic blackjack and it’s called 21 & Fun for your iDevice.

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Knights of Charlemagne in Review – Behold… The king of the Franks

knightsofcharlemagne1If you don’t get the title… Charlemagne was king of the Franks. Just a little bit of sophomoric humor. That being said, you do not need to be a history buff or even need access to Wikipedia to appreciate this game. Reiner Knizia’s Knights of Charlemagne (yes, this is the full name of the App) is a game based off of a current card/strategy game. While the translation of card games onto the iDevice platform is nothing new, Knights of Charlemagne’s faithful transition onto a digital platform is of some note. It was ranked the 9th most popular card game of 2006.

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UNO in Review – Set to the Soundtrack of U2’s ‘One’

uno1There are few card games that do not use the standard deck of poker cards that achieve fame and recognition. Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Hwatu (A Korean Game)… the list hold a scant amount of names. Uno, though, deserves a space in this pantheon of amazing and great card games.

The App game UNO, published by Gameloft, also deserves distinction. It both faithfully translates the game to the iDevice platform and delivers excellent and intuitive controls.

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