Monopoly in Review – Back to Basics, just the way it should be!


I have not seen our family’s Monopoly set in ages, but I have fond memories of the game as a child. I can still recall the feeling of anticipation when rolling the dice, the thrill of counting out money, and the satisfaction of smartly placing little green houses on my little real estate kingdom of no more than three squares. Even at a young age, the objective of Monopoly was easy enough to grasp – be the wealthiest player in the game by gaining a monopoly over properties and using it to one’s advantage.

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Catan in Review – A quiet evening with the family around the iPhone!


I must confess I never played the Settlers of Catan board game. What I have played loads of in my time is Monopoly. And in Finnish none the less (which I know about 10 words of). Well, I can finally repent and join the millions of players who’ve enjoyed this famous game right on the iPhone. I can now finally see for myself what all the fuss is about!

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EA to release Battleship, Connect 4, and Monopoly Classic


Bored? EA may have the remedy: Battleship, Connect 4, and Monopoly Classic – 3 favourite board games which are scheduled board the App Store soon in what is sure to be a riot of fun for families and friends alike. EA’s full steam ahead approach to iPhone gaming strategy which couples modern computing benchmark titles such as NBA Live and The Sims3 with classics the likes of  as the above-mentioned three is brilliant and TouchMyApps are looking forward to sinking our teeth into the new titles.

For screenies and more info, follow the gap:

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Animal Kingdom in Review – doesn’t matter if you’re black or white

Animal Kingdom 1Animal Kingdom is kind of like Chess mixed with rock/paper/scissors. From the introduction screen, you’re shown in what order a piece can take another – each one has a ranking and it can only take a piece under it in value – just like rock/paper/scissors. But like Chess, Animal Kingdom is deceptively deep, with lots of strategy involved if you want to emerge victorious.

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Conquest (Risk Style Game) in Review – Ukraine is weak!


You can even Conquest sideways

Okay, I will tell you a story, and I want you to reply with, ‘TMI’, or ‘too much information’, okay? When I was in grades 11-13, I was in many ways a bigger nerd I am than now. Apart from starting the pen-twirling club at my school and leading the floor-sliding club for best distance, I played Risk or Diplomacy every lunch period. That meant never finishing a game, but carefully packing, unpacking, and then tallying up pieces at the end. I’m a good sport, but as in all things gaming, a loser. In truth, after no fewer than 30 tries of taking over the world (RISK), or Europe (Diplomacy), my score card was litteredwith fewer check marks than I have thumbs. TMI, right? Conquest brings back those hazy secondary school days of so long ago. While developer Seon O’Connor swears that Conquest isn’t associated with Hasbro or RISK in any way, Conquest is one of the best RISK clones I have ever played and a great port of the Windows app.

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The Game Of Life Classic Edition in Review – Spin the wheel! Make my play! Make some choices! Collect my pay!

We all played boardgames as kids. Some of us still do. The fun (and occasional frustration) of it all can provide memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to EA, you can re-live those memories and create some new ones at the same time. With immensely successful previous boardgame releases such as Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, EA is continuing to turn classic family boardgames into amazing iDevice adventures with their latest release, The Game of Life Classic Edition.

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Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 – Mahjong with the Mojo

mahjonggartifacts_preview1In the 1920’s, Abercrombie and Fitch imported thousands of Mahjong sets (1) to stem the demand for the game among the American population. In 2009, G5 Entertainment are banking that the game of strategy, skill, calculation and luck will burn up the game-thirsty iPhone crowd with the sequel to the popular PC title. Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 sweetens the deal with powerups, trophies and great graphics and audio. Look for it at the App Store in the coming week along with Stand O’Food.

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iNetMania in Review – Board Game Internet 2.0


When I was growing up, there was no internet; we didn’t have these new fangled handheld game systems kids have today. No, the only form of entertainment we had during the great depression was board games. Ah yes, I can remember spending many hours enjoying such wonderful games like Yahtzee, Clue, Risk and Twister (hey it has a spinner board, that counts). After a long day of entertainment, these games did something else for us. They fed us, kept us warm and gave us a place to sleep. We would eat the pieces, lie on the game boards, and cover ourselves with the twister mat (now you see why I needed that to work). Hey, it was the great depression, what did you expect?

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