Space Invaders in Review – Overly Nostalgic?

spaceinvaders1I actually expect to be cursed for even writing that title, because I know there are a lot of people who love this game and explicitly hope that whenever a new device is released,  Space Invaders is ported, or emulated so that they can play the historic space shooter on the new piece of hardware. I myself was introduced to this game when I was still very young on my family’s Apple II.

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Bobby Carrot 1 in Review – He’s no Bugs Bunny

bobbycarrotclassic1Let’s rewind to April 2004 shall we? Five years ago the beloved Bobby Carrot was born! Bobby Carrot started off as a J2ME Mobile game. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Bobby Carrot, FDG software has started releasing four of the Bobby Carrot prequels priced at only $0.99 every month. Let’s see how the first prequel stacks up against the most recent Bobby Carrot game.
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Freeballin’ in Review – Take it Easy

Remember when pinball arcades were king? You’d go to the local arcade and the moment you stepped inside you were transported to another world. Nothing before you but rows and rows of long shafted gaming nirvanas being pushed, pulled, and thrust into by young adolescent teens, all the while calling to you with the afterglow of their lights and the sweet purring sound of balls bouncing of flippers going for the score.

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DS Effects releases 51-in-1 App!


Just last month, we saw 5 quality devs team up to bring us 5 Games in 1, where well received games like Up There and Sneezies were bundled up for a fantastic price. Well not to be outdone, DS Effects has released their own bundle, in the form of ‘All 51 Games‘ (how creative!).


Incredible collection of 51 games!!!
1 download, 1 icon…51 games!

For those not familiar, DS Effects has quickly become the Uew Boll of iPhone gaming. A quick browse at the App Store and you’ll find that the majority of their games have garnered an average of 1-2 stars in customer ratings. Granted, reviews at the App Store should be taken with a grain of salt…still, you really have to wonder with all that negative feedback.

So if you have a extra buck to spare, 51 games does sound like a pretty good deal, especially if you value quantity over quality. To think of it, even if only 10 of these games are somewhat enjoyable, a measley dollar won’t burn a hole in your wallet. [All 51 Games, $0.99]

Smack Me in Review – Simon Says Grab Me

smackme_pic1When asked to do a review of Smack Me, based on the apps name my initial thought was, “I hope this isn’t one of those apps where some ladies breasts are wobbling around the screen!” Jumped into the App Store and was surprised to find the app icon had a picture of an 80’s style robot (okay fine, I was somewhat disappointed there wasn’t any wobbling involved). After booting up the app and giving it a go, boy, was I surprised! What I discovered filled me with nostalgia and put a very happy grin on my face.

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10 Balls 7 Cups in Review – That’s a Lot of… Cups…

10balls7cups1Hailing from New Jersey, I have fond memories of going down the shore, stopping by the shops on the boardwalk, and playing all those lovely games. One of my favorite was actually skee ball. So it was much to my surprise when I first laid eyes on 10 Balls 7 Cups, and much more to my surprise when I discovered just how good of a game it was.

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GI Joyride in Review- World War 2 Meets Dukes of Hazard

gijoyride1When I think of WW2 games, I think of the usual shoot-em-ups that are constantly getting released for platforms. Whether it be for the Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii, the idea just seems overplayed to me at this point. But, GI Joyride (developed by Trapdoor) takes a completely different approach to war-style games by putting you in charge of an APC (Armored Personal Carrier) to thrash through enemy territory.

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