Predators in Review – A movie tie-in the doesn’t suck

Anyone that’s been gaming for a reasonable amount of time knows that this is just about fact – developers can’t make good video game tie-ins for movies.  The trend began with E.T. for the Atari 2600 (if not sooner), and still continues today.  From time to time a gem emerges, however, and Robert Rodriguez presents PREDATORS™ is one such gem.  While it doesn’t quite have the “wow” factor that James Cameron’s Avatar did for me, it’s still an engaging and fun game, and Predators are just about the coolest aliens around when it comes to intense combat games.  The main down side is that you loose one of the biggest Predator qualities in the way the game is laid out.

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Blaaast in Review – Whack An Alien Without The Fun

Dr. Octopus Said What?

As I was playing this I thought to myself “maybe I should have read the game’s description better.” Blaaast sure looks good, but it basically amounts to Whack A Mole in space with a few ultimately annoying extras thrown in.  Upon reviewing the iTunes description, though, I realize that it really doesn’t do a good job of explaining what type of game this is, so that makes me feel a bit better.  It doesn’t make me enjoy the game any more, however.  I’m all for tap shooter, and an alien setting is not nearly as overdone as you’d think, but I’ve played many efforts that are much more fun than this one.

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The Twiggles in Review – Melting Your Hardened Gamers’ Heart

When I was requested to review The Twiggles, the sight of the hapless, furry blue creatures needing help to find their way home instantly warmed my heart. Touted to be the closest iPhone counterpart to early PC classic Lemmings, Twiggles is a puzzle-based platformer that pits both your logic and creativity against a variety of tricky and sticky situations.

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Jump o’Clock in review – Gear up for some addictive tower climbing

I’ve noticed a lot of people like to describe a game by saying ‘if x and y had a baby”, so if I were to describe Jump o’Clock I’d have to say, “if Doodle Jump and Captain Ludwig had a baby…”  The funny thing is, I think I like Jump o’Clock better than either.  There’s not as much to do as in Doodle Jump, but I like the atmosphere better, and personally I think it’s more fun to jump around gears collecting bolts than to jump around planets collecting stars.  But then, I am a bit of a geek.  At any rate, I wasn’t honestly expecting too much from Jump o’Clock, but I think I’ve gotten kind of hooked on it.  Now if I could just get good at it…

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Fishing Frenzy HD in Review – Cost, Not Fish, Causes The Frenzy

Fishing Frenzy HD for the iPad ($4.99) is another sterling example of a developer repackaging a game as “HD” and jacking up its price in hopes of grabbing mindless early adopter sales. Here, it’s a rewrap of a game which has been previously available in ad-supported and ad-free ($0.99) iPhone versions. Unlike the iPhone apps, Fishing Frenzy HD offers no OpenFeint support: you’re actually paying more money for less features and purdier graphics.

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The Impossible Game In Review – Possibly The Most Impossibly Possible Game To Date!

The word impossible gets added to game titles a fair bit nowadays, usually hinting at a higher than normal level of difficulty.  Problem is that most of the time it really isn’t the case.  Recently however I found a game that really did (and still does!) live up to its title: The Impossible Game. It ain’t just a fluke dude, and I think its dev, FlukeDude, would back me up. Read on to see how it’s possible to be impossible yet still possibly be the best!

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Stickbound in review – Not overly spellbound with the gimmicky stick

Platform games have always been a staple of my gaming diet. I much prefer playing a Super Mario Bros. or a Mega Man than a Call Of Duty or Resident Evil. I was quite intrigued when I read somewhere that Stickbound was a “casual platformer”, and suddenly I wanted to give it a try. Guess I should have read the iTunes description instead. Stickbound is not a bad game, but it’s really just a “go for as long as you can” game with stick propulsion as a gimmick. Once the gimmick wears off, unfortunately, there are much more engaging entries in this genre to play.

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Crazy Penguin Party in Review – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

One of the reasons I wanted an iPod Touch was because I got to play this adorable little game on my brother-in-law’s iPhone – you shoot penguins out of a catapult and try to hit as many polar bears as you can. I love polar bears in general, and in this game these bears were delightfully big, burly and totally huggable. That game, Crazy Penguin Catapult, was one of the first ones I bought as soon as I had my own iPod Touch.

Crazy Penguin Party will be instantly familiar to anyone who has ever tried Crazy Penguin Catapult. You have the same hardy penguins going head to head with pot-bellied polar bears – only this time, there’s a lot more going on. Feel free to discuss this review of Crazy Penguin Party in our forums.

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Price Drop: Age of Tribes FREE for a Day!

Today is a wonderful day. Along with Last Front: Europe, Age of Tribes has dropped to FREE! Age of Tribes, a line-drawing adventure, is a ticklish blend of Lemmings and Flight Control which puts you in the role of a tribal leader who must lead your followers to safety against scary odds and dangerous terrain. At 199 pennies cheaper than its usual price, now is a great time to click the iTunes link:

Age of Tribes Fancy Factory, Age of Tribes – Free

Get them now or check the official description after the gap.

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