Wizzley Presto and the Vampire’s Tomb in Review: No Jumping Allowed

It’s no secret that I love platform games, and it’s probably not a surprise either that I’ve been a bit under-whelmed with the offerings on the App Store. From a presentation point of view Wizzley Presto and the Vampires Tomb could easily raise those expectations. Sadly, poor movement controls and a lousy save system keep this one from rising above the crowd.

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Puzzle Agent in Review – Freeze, FBI! Department of Puzzle Research!

Talking about the modern adventure games scene, it’s impossible to avoid mentioning Telltale Games. The company that pioneered episodic adventure games and trusted by LucasArts to resurrect the Sam & Max and Monkey Island franchises is definitely the pillars of the genre both on the PC/Mac and across the various consoles available. On the App Store they are known for Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone for iPad and Wallace & Gromit The Last Resort for iPad – and just recently, for their first original title – Puzzle Agent (HD).

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Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge in Review – On your iDevice – a three-headed monkey!

If you were anywhere near computers in the early 90’s, there is no way you couldn’t have heard about the Monkey Island series. Roughly a year ago, LucasArts decided to give the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood a radical makeover and released  The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition with updated graphics and complete voiceovers. Apparently it was a success as this summer they followed up with Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge.

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Mishap in Review – Who Let The Ghosts In?

Just like when it comes to match 3 games, I’m always willing to try a new hidden object game if it either does the basics really well or even more so if it brings something new to the table.  Thankfully, in the case of Mishap it actually has both bases covered.  The hidden object sequences are well done, and while you might have to use the occasional hint to locate something, the objects aren’t ridiculously hard to find.  Moreover, there are not only things to do besides the hidden object sequences, but the whole structure of the game is somewhat unique to the genre.  But this is just an intro, so let’s move on to discover if this tale from the beyond is for you…

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Get buried in Egypt The Prophecy for FREE

Just a few days after the release of the final part of Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3 Anuman Interactive set the first part of the adventure FREE. Yep, now you can embark on your own journey to ancient Egypt absolutely free of charge. Just grab yourself a copy of Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 and off you go! Meanwhile look out for a full review from TMA’s own shigzeo soon and check out my preview with hands-on video.

Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 Anuman, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1, 299.72MB – Free
Egypt The Prophecy - Part 2 Anuman, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 2, 358.55MB – $3.99
Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3 Anuman, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3, 537.35MB – $3.99

An update on Egypt The Prophecy and Secret of the Lost Cavern

Just a few weeks after my report of the final release of Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1, Anuman Interactive has now put up the rest of the game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Finishing up with Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3 this epic adventure piles up to be the most expensive one on the App Store, with each installment weighing in at a hefty $3.99. But if you are willing to dole out the cash, you’ll be rewarded with an excellent and intriguing journey through ancient Egypt. Look out for a full-scale review by my esteemed colleague shigzeo soon and be sure to check out my preview with hands-on video in the meanwhile as well.

Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 Anuman Interactive, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1, 299.72MB – $3.99
Egypt The Prophecy - Part 2 Anuman Interactive, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 2, 358.55MB – $3.99
Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3 Anuman Interactive, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3, 537.35MB – $3.99

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Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box in review – When you mess with the undead…

As hidden object games are becoming more popular on the iPhone, it’s nice to see variants coming out that are more than just a combination of searching for objects and playing mini-games. In the case of Vampire Saga, it really feels more like an adventure game that just happens to use hidden object scenes in order for you to find some of the key objects for solving puzzles in the game.  Additionally, it actually has a gripping story.  Combined with excellent visuals and stirring music, Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box is probably one of the best hidden object games to come along in a while. Continue reading…

Azada in Review – A magical puzzle-solving adventure

Big Fish Games is one of the most prolific mobile publishers, best known for its range of excellent hidden object (HO) titles. Keeping this in mind it’s not much of a surprise that Azada has quite a bit of hiddenness in it. But this time, Big Fish Games decided to make things more interesting and throw in a LOT of other puzzles, making hidden objects only a part of the gameplay, rather than the backbone.

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Fallen Ep-1 nominated for Mobile Content Awards 2010

7th Sense Studios have just informed me that Fallen EP-1 has been nominated for Mobile Content Awards 2010 in the Mobile Entertainment category. I was lucky to review Fallen Ep 1 back late 2009 and was impressed with the sense of atmosphere the developers created. Now it firmly holds the title of best Action-Adventure game according to our The App Store’s Best Adventure roundup and is the only Survival Horror title on the AppStore, worth any real attention.

The Mobile Content Awards is an annual global event, held to recognize excellence in mobile content creation that are specifically developed for digital gadgets as well as services and technologies that enable or facilitate mobile content. The Mobile Content Awards 2010 is not only celebrating the highest achievements across the industry, but also showing current trend and future developments in mobile industry.

The Awards will culminate with networking reception inviting content business people.

About 500 mobile industry leaders throughout the world gather here as well as the finalists and winner of the Mobile Content Awards 2010 and judging committee.

I wish all the luck to 7th Sense, as this is a truly worthy game. And if you haven’t had your taste of Fallen yet – check out my review or just pick up the game itself.

Fallen EP-1 YOUOCO.COM, Fallen EP-1 (TMA Review), 99.55MB – $0.99

Egypt The Prophecy rises out of the sand from the App Store!

Almost half-a-year ago I posted an exclusive preview of an adventure game by Tetraedge, well known for such titles on the AppStore as Jules Verne’s Return To Mysterious Island, Jules Verne’s Secrets Of The Mysterious Island and of course, their recent hit Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon. I was very impressed by the ambiance of the game, known then as The Egyptian Prophecy, as well as the excellent graphics, puzzles and story. Unfortunately due to some changes in the coporate world the game had been frozen in the almost ready state for a few months. But thankfully, now all issue have been resolved and with a minor change of name, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 has found it’s way onto the AppStore, with the other 2 parts to be available soon. Be sure to check out my preview of the game or just pick it up to enjoy for yourself. Oh yeah, and there’s a video after the gap as well.

Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 Anuman Interactive, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1, 299.72MB – $3.99

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