Creatures – THE FIRST BLOOD in Review – The universe is a very dangerous place!

With so many dual-stick shooters out there it’s more and more difficult for a newbie to get spotted. Some developers stake on marketing, others on features, while some simply hope for the best and send their creation off to follow fate’s will. Which one is Creatures – THE FIRST BLOOD from playus soft, one of the most recent additions to the genre?

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SEED 2 – Vortex of War in Review – Better, but not enough to make a difference

SEED 1 – RISE OF DARKNESS (TMA Review) tried to reach for the crown of the Action/RPG genre back in late 2009. Released under Chillingo, it offered several interesting features, including the ability to switch between classes at any point in the game. However it was crippled by the developer’s attempt to squeeze more money out of the players using in-app purchases (IAP), offering the gamers special items that could not be acquired using other means in order to “help ease the gameplay”. In reality some of them were essential to avoid significant frustration which couldn’t help but influence the ratings, which in turn led to the eventual re-release of the game as FREE and an additional release of SEED 1 Gold Edition without IAP. And now the sequel is live on the App Store, let’s see if SEED 2 manages to overcome some of its previous shortcomings.

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Knight’s Rush in Review – Pillage and plunder across dimensions…

A little over a year ago Knights Onrush (TMA Review) set the new standard for castle defense games with addictive gameplay, polished interface and superb graphics. Following up on the franchise, the developers later released A Quest Of Knights Onrush – a side-scrolling arcade title about the adventures of one of the knights in the original. And just recently, Chillingo released Knight’s Rush -  the next chapter in the series, plunging the would-be pillaged knights through other dimensions.

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Mirror’s Edge in Review – Run, Faith, run!

Last autumn, a game so deceptively simple took the App Store by storm. I’m talking, of course, about Canabalt – the one button game where you control a guy fleeing for his life across the tops of buildings in the midst of an alien attack. One year and big publisher later, enter Mirror’s Edge, a title that takes the same basic concept to a whole new dimension. It had a long and winding road to the iPhone, debuting as one of the first major iPad games nearly 6 months ago.

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Cannon Defense in Review – Paper cutouts have never been this aggressive

Back in my childhood, when all I had to entertain myself were toys and boatloads of imagination I used to love drawing up armies of creatures and playing out full-scale castle defence battles. Matchsticks would become arrows and marbles – cannon balls. With this awesome firepower I would defend my castle from the onslaught of aliens, ghosts, robots and demons. Apparently I wasn’t the only one stuck gifted with the glorious imagination. Introducing – Cannon Defence

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Ultimate Spider-Man – Total Mayhem punching for September

If you like beat-’em-ups (and I know you do), you might be just the person we’re looking for. Spidy, at it again against asthmatics baddies, will be slinging to an iDevice near you in the very near future. Be prepared for the combos, subtitles, and mad violence that only the webber Spiderman can deliver. Below are some screenies and above, Gameloft’s latest trailer. Take your pick.

Piccies and more from Gameloft after the gap:

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SurvivorX in Review – An eXtraordinary dual-stick shooter

The AppStore is teaming with dual-stick shooters of all kinds. In such a competitive market it’s quite difficult to get a sufficient foothold in the genre, especially with most titles at the rock bottom price of $0.99. Despite this ZENUXLAB have joined the ranks of indie teams reaching for the gold with the release of SurvivorX ambitiously dubbed “best dual stick arcade kill’em-all game”.

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AirAttack in Review – Step Aside JetBlue

I love shmups (shoot ‘em ups), though I’m not keen on that nickname. There have actually been some pretty sharp shooters on the iPhone, but I still hadn’t found that one yet that I could constantly refer back to, much like I used to do with Claygun when writing about Pocket PC shmups. The time has finally arrived, however, for a game to take that place of honor, and that game is AirAttack. No game is perfect, but this is certainly the most well rounded, enjoyable shmup experience I’ve had on my iPod Touch to date.

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ID’s Rage screams on the iPhone 4

Sorry for the Flash video

iPhone FPS fans have plodded through a dearth of games for far too long. Sure, there have been some hits, but be honest: they aren’t exactly magical. Sure, there is Wolfenstein 3D Classic, Rise of the Triad, Doom Classic, and a handful of other ported titles out there, but not a one really screams, ‘gotta have it!’

Mark my words: Rage’ll be different. It’s tailored for the iPhone and iPad, sports good controls, and looks freakin’ amazing while sliding silkily on at 60 FPS on the iPhone 4. At the moment, Rage is still a tech demo, so you and I will have to wait a bit. Thankfully, Rage is scheduled to be slotted in at the App Store later this year. It’s also rumoured to come at a very competitive price.

RageGame has got all the gore on this upcoming title.