BloodyXMas in Review – It’s all for the kiddies!

Christmas is almost upon us and one can’t help but think what Santa’s up to. We imagine the North Pole, hundreds of little elves scrambling to make toys for the little kiddies and the Jollymeister himself watching over them. Well Mad Finger Games have lived up to their name and provided us with their own original take on what happens if the ‘naughty’ (aka minions) try to ransack the presents in Santa’s lil’ workshop.

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Project Phoenix in Review – 21st century Jackal

I suppose I am showing my age by titling this review after what I consider to be one of the best team-games of all time: Jackal for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The controls are different, and as of yet, there is no multiplayer. But the frantic, frenetic action is the same. And if you like to blow up baddies, I there aren’t many better ways to spend a few minutes, or 2$.

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Unreal fans, grab your iPhones: iDevice does Unreal 3

I cut my 3D FPS teeth on Unreal Tournament ten years ago thanks to the help of a 3DFX Voodoo 2 and a pretty good gaming mouse. Now a new generation of gamers will face bleeding gums thanks to the Voodoo 2’s former rival, PowerVR, which packs an SGX engine inside the iDevice. Epic let Anandtech’s Anand play around in the sleek, plastic-wrapped world of Unreal Tournament 3 for the iDevice. If Unreal doesn’t mean anything to you, think Gears of War 2 – that bit of badass gaming runs on the same technology. Of course, Epic have scaled things back to allow the iDevice some breathing room for gaming. And, somehow, I cannot imagine physics processing going very far even with the iPhone 3GS, but I’ve been wrong before. Evidently, another yet-unnamed portable will get the BFG treatment in a demo at next month’s CES.

Video and more screenies after the gap:

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Homer lands on the iPhone with The Simpsons Arcade (D’oh!)

There’s a reason why gamers dig EA. Within a short and recent time span, they have released the cult classic Dragon’s Lair and arguably the best damn racer on the iPhone – Need for Speed Shift. Well now you can also add the much beloved and (still) popular animated TV series to the list – The Simspons Arcade. And for many of you, any mention of the words ‘Simpsons’ and ‘arcade game’ will surely bring back memories of the original smash ’em up Simpsons Arcade title that was first released by Konami in 1991.

Get ready for doughnut-chasing daredeviltry on iPhone® and iPod touch®.
Join Homer on a hilarious chase through Springfield in drooling pursuit of frosted fried dough. Clueless and hungry, he has no idea that his desired doughnut is the key to a devious scheme hatched by sinister Springfield forces…

With art work and voices performed by the original cast ‘n crew of the show, along with the 25+ levels of Homer mayhem (and mini-games!), EA are hoping this latest App Store offering will be a hit among all fans of the show. If you love all things Homer, I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing and pick up the great lookin’ The Simpsons Arcade now. More info and screenies after the gap!

Electronic Arts, The Simspons Arcade, $4.99, 50.9 MB
The Simpsons Arcade

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Stranded! – now without a phone!


It has been quite some time since I reviewed Stranded! I quite liked the game, though I felt a number of features were missing and that it could use some more polish. Well, it seems the devs heard my plea. Today checking my iTunes account I was quite surprised to find the game updated to version 1.2 and even rebranded to Stranded Without A Phone. What did they do to warrant such a change – well – they have really gone all out and implemented literally a ton of new features – hunting, autosearch, new item combinations and more. Personally I think they would even warrant a 2.0 release. And they’re still selling the game for the measly $1.99!

It’s nice to see devs working hard on their games even after they are released. Unfortunately most think that as soon as their product makes it to the App Store, the only things that require additional work are bug fixes. You can get the game using the link below or check for a full list of new features after the gap.

Gilligames, Stranded Without A Phone, 7.4MB, $1.99
Stranded Without A Phone

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Fallen EP-1 in Review – iPhone gaming can be scary as hell!


Blood everywhere, blurred vision, mutilated corpses and only a steel bar in your hand. Where is everybody? Why do the dogs look like they’ve been turned inside out? What are these ugly pods hanging from the ceiling everywhere? What are there strange symbols drawn everywhere? Can escape this prison intact?

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James Cameron’s Avatar now out for iPhone


Update: Our review for Avatar is now live on TouchMyApps.

If there’s a movie that needs no introduction, it’s James Cameron’s epic Sci-Fi Avatar. Rumored to have cost upwards of 500 million to make (plus marketing), this is easily the year’s most anticipated movie. While the film’s release date is still several days away (Dec 18), Avatar the game is now available at the App Store, courtesy of Gameloft. Having published Terminator Salvation earlier this summer for the iDevice, Gameloft is no stranger to turning blockbuster movies into mobile games.

Go deeper into the spectacular world of James Cameron’s Avatar™ and embark on a fantastic journey of redemption and discovery two decades prior to the film events. As the first experimental avatar, experience the amazing powers your new body bestows. Will you use those powers to save the Na’vi, or will you work with the humans to destroy their world?

Undoubtedly, many of you will be lining up in droves to watch Avatar. With the game taking place 20 years before the events of the movie, it’ll introduce you to the world of the Na’vi and how they came to be. At $9.99, Gameloft’s latest offering is a bit steep by App Store standards, but with great visuals and immersive gameplay, consider it the price of pre-admission that comes bundled with hours of enjoyment. Gameplay and interview videos after the break!

Gameloft, James Cameron’s Avatar, $9.99, 189 MB
James Cameron's Avatar

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SEED 1 – RISE OF DARKNESS in Review – the new king of Action/RPGs?


Christmas is coming to the AppStore and a lot of publishers are going all-out to win over the hearts of gamers this holiday season. Chillingo have just released Seed 1– the competitor to Com2uS’ excellent Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone. And like its recent rival, it reaches high – to wrest the action/RPG crown into its own hands.

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Tap-Fu in Review – Eye Candy and Tough Love


Who says you can only take candy from a baby? You can steal from an old guy, too – and a kung fu master at that! Tap-Fu works based on that funny and slightly surreal premise. You are the young ward of a great kung fu master who is secretly addicted to candy and has just lost his loot to a gang of hooligans aptly named the Sweet Tooth Clan. To win back the goodies, you have to fight your way through sneaky ninjas and win back each blue or green candy they stole from your master.

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Flatspace in Review – Lost in Flatspace!


One of my favourite game genres is open-space exploration. In the early 1990s, I fell in love with Origin’s Privateer and up a logical progressive ladder through the X series. The freedom to go anywhere, to do anything, and to be anyone is appealing. Imagine my excitement when I noticed that finally an open world space faring game has come to the iPhone! Now double it and read on!

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