Free for a limited time – iSteam


Great Apps’ iSteam has already gained a cult-like following since it debuted at the App Store a little over a month ago and has seen over a million downloads. If you’re unfamiliar with this neat app, here’s what the app description has to say:

Your phone can now do so much more… Welcome the first “steamy” photo editor for the iPhone / iPod touch. We are proud to deliver you the unique chance to turn your device into a foggy surface just like your mirror after a hot shower or as your window on a winter day. iSteam exploits all the features of your device (accelerometer, multitouch, microphone, speakers) like never before, for an astonishingly realistic experience!

The coolest aspect of iSteam is that you can interact with the on screen moisture. As you “wipe” the fog away, your photo underneath is revealed a stroke at a time. Realistic droplets will also streak in the direction of the iPhone/Touch’s tilt.  This is definitely an app worth checking now that its free (for a limited time). Click here to grab your copy of iSteam and recreate your favorite shower scenes!

iGirl – For pervs, the lonely, the curious or all of the above

igirl1If you’ve been following TouchMyApps for the last little while,  writers and readers alike have both voiced their concerns over farting/burping/vomit apps that have polluted the App Store. There are simply just too many of them, seemingly turning Joe Blow into a developer, all in the name of raking in a quick buck. Well I believe that after all this farting business dies down, there’s a good chance the next big craze will be virtual girls making their way into iPhones/iPod Touches. Enter “iGirl – Shake her bikini“, aimed at those who enjoy big guns (guilty!), long legs and having that babe-in-a-pocket all day(and night) long.

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Remote in Review – A Perfect Extension to iTunes/ Apple TV

remote1Initially when Apple came out with its first iPhone/ iPod Touch app on the App Store, the Remote app, I just wasn’t interested in installing it, even though it was free. This was because whenever I was listening to music, I would be within reach of my computer, and therefore really don’t need the redundant control on my iPhone. However, when I recently bought an Apple TV to put next to my TV, I decided to give the application a go.

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iBoobs is back: and Big in Japan

Before you get the idea that I am only on about ‘boobs’, I must deny that I am. However, I just keep finding the same sort of app popping up all over internet. iJiggles admittedly offers some interesting options for things for you to get off your chest but the persistence of a silly idea and then the follower apps is unbelievable. Anyway, this video is made for Japan as iBoobs main views came from the land of the samurai.

Thanks to appbank for the tip.

For People and Pervs: iJiggles and Wobble

Yes, you have heard it correctly, the iPhone is the newest and easiest way for peepers to grab thrills from the safety of a 3.5 inch screen.  All that is required is a couple of female friends who don’t mind baring their chests for your private enjoyment or a telephoto lens, camouflage trousers, a tripod, the fall of evening and patience.  iBoobs, a rejected app had the wrong premise:  3D modelled moving breasts attract unwanted attention and get old quickly.  What real pervs need is either  iJiggles or for the less creative Wobble.

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A Look at iMeter, iPhone’s 1st Tricorder

Something is up

Something is up

400 Years Early
Today, I am back on the subject of useless apps. To set the stage, please try to imagine the TV show Star Trek or ST: The Next Generation. Warp speed, aliens, holodecs and world peace; It represented a universe where anything was possible. Today, I want to make a tardy congratulation to our world. Hooray! We have surpassed the world of Star Trek and it is not yet the 10th of January, 2009.

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App Rejections: who is in charge? Editorial

(The above video is not my iPod)

Ages ago, when Pull My Finger, a gas of an app whose cheese was cut by Apple for having ‘limited usability’ made waves on internet, the App Store was still young. Now, with over 10 000 apps in its library, the App Store is a gigantic katamari ball for both good and crap software. Need we more evidence than last Christmas when a farting app made the top ten seller list, touting features like, “the sick dog”?

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A Look at Hot PopCorn – A Must Have for Movie Junkies


Don’t we all love movies? It seems just about everyone I know with an iPod Touch or iPhone has a Movie app installed to find out show times, new releases, ratings and more. While most of them are free, I have yet to come across one that I would consider a must have. Enter Hot Popcorn, a newly released Movie app by Boctor Design that could very well blow the competition right out of the water. Not only is the interface well designed, it comes loaded with features that even includes purchasing tickets right within the app. Nice.

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A Look at Cartoonizeme – Have Fun with Photos on your iPhone

Portegno Apps has recently released Cartoonizeme, a fun and easy to use app that will allow you to add neat little built-in images to all your photos. You have the option of taking a new picture with your iPhone camera to have it edited, or simply choose one from your camera roll. Once a photo is selected, users will be able to add elements from categories such as Eyes, Mouths, Wigs, Glasses, Hats and much more.

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