Brushes in Review – Dali Finger to the Rescue

We gots an artist in the house!

We gots an artist in the house!

In the strain of all great artists, I subjected myself to self torture and then re-created shigzeo as only I know him (me). Brushes, by Steve Sprang is that method and the outcome is the Monet/Van Gogh you see above.

I did not use the 3x ‘how to draw a face’ tutorial that can be seen after the jump (didn’t need it), nor did I apply learning that I received from school or study. Simply, I let the artist within me flow to the nearly excellent canvass that is my iPod Touch.

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iLauncher – Giving you the Power to Obliterate your Enemies using your iDevice


Ever been in a situation where your mortal enemy was in the cubical next to you? The one individual who causes you to look inferior in front of your boss, because he completes his work on time while you’re desperately trying to slack off? Has the thought ever crossed your mind that if you had control of a missile launcher in the palm of your hand, you would cause his being to explode all over Suzie, that cute receptionist who refuses to date you? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions and aren’t currently in a padded white room, iLauncher is the application for you.

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Witch My Wife in Review – Nothing Pretty About This View


For a measly 99 cents you can turn your second half into a real hag with Witch My Wife. Developer Portegno have included everything you need in order to prove to your mates and commiserators once and for all that you are married to a deadly pythoness. Yeah, they have a whole arsenal of proof-positive items: warty noses, spiders, cobwebs and nasty hats. Take a peak, but be wary lest you delve too far into sinisterness. 

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Spawn Illuminati in Review – A Plethora Of Colors To Excite Your Senses


With over 250 fart and jiggle apps saturating the App Store, many of the finer apps are belittled by the stench. Not every application in the App Store has to be about shooting, fighting, or something repulsive to be unique. Spawn Illuminati by Toni Sandler demonstrates that an application can simply shine with particle effects.

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AirCoaster 3D in Review – Roller-coaster of Love

aircoaster3d_1Love it or hate it, AirCoaster 3D (Formerly known as AirCoaster Online) is a popular App. It is currently at number 42 on the top 100 list of paid Apps. It also is pretty even in reviews between people who love it and people who hate it. So, what is this App that seems to create division between the happy people (sarcasm) of the AppStore?

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OrbLive in Review – Live TV on your iPhone/iPod Touch

orblive1We’re always looking for more cool and fun things to do with our iPhone. I think I’ve found my latest fix for my iPhone addiction – live streaming TV. That is what OrbLive 2.0 for iPhone does. The makers of the popular streaming software have brought the experience to the most popular mobile device on the market.

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iWingman – Your Best Bet?

iwingman-review-img_0018 iwingman-review-img_0019

In the intensely mystical world of love-making, there are some absolute rules that need to be followed.

1. Be nice at the door, but nice in a suave way
2. Don’t spill the drinks
3. Avoid fights
4. Don’t look like your lookin’, but look
5. Have a wingman

Currently, my wife is my wingman, making sure my eyes stay on target – or is that off-target? It is great fun, but I remember those heady nights after university exams where some drinks and hundreds of chemically-engorged kids, grinding strangers, fights and alcohol really put me at ease. At that time, my wingman was one Louis who was quite the ladies man.

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Evangelion Cut Out, Clock and Stamp in Review – For the Fans!

Neon Genesis Evangelion made waves in 1995 and has come back recently thanks to the promise of a Hollywood remake to again mark its territory as one of anime’s greatest landmarks. Well, Appliya have brought to the App Store some of the magic which has made Evangelion a hit both then and now. The outcome? Five new apps, three of which I have been able to fondle. Firstly, I expect that these apps will really appeal to fans of the original show and the new live action movie wich is slated for opening sometime this century. Maybe.

If you are interested in What Evangelion is, take a look at a fan’s mash up of what the live action movie could become as well as glimpses of Evangelion anime scenes.

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The Magazine – Maxim on your iPhone?

themagazine6Maxim magazine has been a staple diet for men (and teens) all over the world the past ten years. It’s hard not to be popular with beautiful scantily clad babes and interesting reading material filling its pages. It is only natural then that Maxim inspired magazines make their way onto the iPhone/iPod Touch. Enter ‘The Magazine’ (how original!), an app developed by Daily Babe that features hot models and articles that cover a variety of topics.

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A Look at Pharce – Make photos talk on your iPhone

pharce1Like iJiggles and Wobble, Pharce is the latest iPhone app that allows you to have fun with your photos. While you won’t see breasts or any body member for that matter bouncing up and down (hmm…bouncy bouncy…),  Pharce is a pretty cool app that allows you to make talking videos of any picture in your photo library. By utilizing the built in drawing tool, you are able to carve out a virtual mouth and chin area for your photos and record some crazy dialog via the built-in microphone (works with 2nd gen iPod as well). When all is said and done, your picture comes to life and lip-syncs to the recording. Very cool. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

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