Playboy and the iDevice – bunny love!


(Pun alert!) It’s been a long time coming, but Playboy and Apple have laid down the latex armour and rubber weapons in the release of an official 17+ Playboy app. For fans of the magazine, there is a lot of digital content to love, but iDevice Playboy isn’t quite as much of a so-called “hands-on” experience as its print version. Apple don’t allow nudity – though there are official ways to get it – so Hef’s software is rather an advert for the risque publication. And, in the spirit of subscript, Playboy comes at 1.99$, featuring November and December; but subsequent months require a payment of 1.99$ per. The price may be worth it however, as users get a grab at advice from their favourite celebs and bunnies covering anything from cars to stereos and sex advice. Imagine that, sex advice from a bunny…

Jump Games Pvt. Ltd., Playboy, 1.99$, 24.1 MB

Press info and pictures after the gap:

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Clz Movies in Review – Your whole movie collection at the tip of a finger!


You know, I have quite a large movie collection. And sometimes it’s impossible to remember if I have a specific movie that I want to watch, so going to the store is a pain. Well, has provided a tool for this! Now you can reference your movies anywhere, anytime, and at the touch of a finger.

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Even Google are giving Canada a nod

Even Google are giving Canada some grace!

Today, I hope you are with your families, or out with your mates, having knocked down a few and fallen over a few more. In any case, today is a well-deserved holiday for the great maple country. What does that mean for the Canadian TMA? Holiday? No way. Reviews as usual, but we want to thank you again for your continued support. We love getting positive feedback, and when the opposite comes, then we break out our medicine and take it like a nerve-less man.

Aw, well, thanks anyway! In the spirit of the holiday, check out these new Thanksgiving apps which need your money; I’m quite sure they are not meant for Canadians, but who cares? New 2009 T-Day apps below:

TIITF Software, Thanksgiving, 0.99$, 1.0 MB

NevilleArchitecture, iHost: Thanksgiving, 0.99$, 1.9 MB
iHost: Thanksgiving

Come Ride “On a Boat” with I Am T-Pain App + Contest

I Am T-Pain, one of the coolest and most hyped apps in the entertainment world of late, has finally released the incredibly popular (not to mention hilarious and catchy) “I’m on a boat” song as an in-app download.  To celebrate this occasion, Smule is kicking off the “I’m On a Boat” contest, offering up some pretty wicked prizes:

  • $500.00 to each of the top ten finalists
  • Grillz, modeled after T-Pain’s own grillz, to each of the top ten finalists
  • $5,000.00 and a Big Ass Chain ($47 value, approximate weight of 10 lbs) to the top finalist
  • Internet fame and glory

To enter this contest, it’s as easy as submitting a Youtube video of yourself performing “I’m on a boat” while using Smule’s I Am T-Pain app. Creativity, humor and view counts on Youtube will all play a role in searching for the next Autotune superstar. The other great news is that the app is on sale ($0.99) until Saturday evening. So what are you waiting for? Grab it now and make Adam Sandberg proud! More contest details can be found after the break.

Smule, I Am T-Pain, $0.99, 2.6 MB
I Am T-Pain

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DigiMagic in Review – the magical Morpheus club


You could eat yoghurt with a spork, or cut butter with the combination of a hairdryer and your index finger. While not optimal for the given job, they cut down the need for superfluous instruments. DigiMagic is a fun app that like the butter knife, has a very specific role which it does very well. What is that role you ask? Read on my weary traveller…

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Fetish without the stigma – Apple are hot for Koreans



A new app has raced into the App Store, driven by the famous race girl herself, Gyu-Ri Lee. Yup, she is a race-girl; you know, the type who at races waves the bits of cloth that should be covering her bits. The App Store has endured a virtual rainbow of borderline apps and currently, rushes to bolster its line by providing the discriminating pervert racially segregated fetish software. K-Girls is a suite of apps which retail for 1.99$ and caters to the bloke (or bloket) who cannot get enough of cute, pocketable Korean girls. By the way, she has 3 friends at the App Store.

TrueMobile Inc., K-Girls Gyu-Ri Lee, 1.99$, 21.6 MB
K-Girls(Gyu-Ri Lee)

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Holograms in Review – Turning 2D Pics Into 3D Masterpieces


I would like to consider myself a bit of an iPhoneographer, considering I’ve had an iPhone for around a year and have taken over 700 pictures with it. There’s a plethora of photo editing apps on the App Store, even ones which can be considered “portable PhotoShops”. While regular photo editing apps let you tweak around with the RBG and contrasts of pictures, I still find the majority lacking that extra bit of “flare” which show off the capabilities of the iDevice. One sub-section of iPhoneography that is pretty much absent in the App Store is hologram effect apps (mainly because it’s impossible to perfectly replicate a hologram on the iDevice). Well, Holograms by Mach Kobayashi (the genius behind the dice physics engine in WordFu possible), lets you create the closest thing to a real hologram in a matter of seconds.

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That’s What She Said – The iPhone/iPod Touch App


One of the most useless and funnest apps I’ve ever encountered is TWSS aka “That’s what she said.” For those unfamiliar with the dirty phrase, here is a formal definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

1. Used to add sexual innuendo to a conversation.
2. When a male wants to share with his friends that he was with a girl (whether her was or not), he will respond to a phrase that sets up “that’s what she said…” as funny or sexual.
3. To imply that what is being talked about was actually a sexual statement and that a girl agreed to said statement in the recent past.

As you can see, the phrase has its greatest effect and share of laughter if stated spontaneously or when least expected. Furthermore, it is definitely not appropriate to teach 5-year old Jake to real meaning behind the statement or you will suffer the consequences of glaring looks from disapproving parents and others.

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Hover Poker – the bets are in for multiplayer gambling


Yeah, I bet you do! Like gambling that is. Well, Hover Poker, a Texas Hold ‘Em game, may take the blinders from the eyes of computer-poker naysayers with features like anti-cheat, no-limit holdem, an Old-West soundtrack (yes, you read that right), and auto-save. It is being developed by Jormy Games and published by Clickgamer.

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Mirror Free – Inner Four’s latest spam is actually clever


Inner Four, an inexhaustible company from Florida, have released yet another piece of software – an app to bolster their 150+ title library at the App Store which does nothing more than reflect a user’s face inside a ‘mirror’ frame. Seem worth 99 cents? Of course not. But that is why Mirror Free‘s creator John Swartz created it FREE.

Inner Four, Mirror Free, FREE!, 2.9 MB
Mirror Free

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