Make Coffee with your iPhone – real coffee coming soon

Thanks to the blokes and blokets at Yanko Design, The App Machine’s visions for a darker, richer future have been netted. I’ve only recently turned to lord coffee myself, but already I realise how important the Italian software house’s brainchild is. Today, Make Coffee is just an entertainment app, but tomorrow it could have a real wireless coffee maker to match.

Make Coffee The App Machine, Make Coffee, 0.99$

Make Coffee Lite The App Machine, Make Coffee lite, FREE

Thanks Yanko Design

Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah! in Review – Ripping-off Pocket God MUST be a sin!

Pocket God appeared a little more than a year ago and provided users of the iPhone with quite an original pastime – scoffing at a bunch of defenceless islanders, wreaking all sorts of havoc on the island and basically making their lives miserable. Since its original release, the developers have stayed true to their promise and released an update roughly every 2 or 3 weeks with added content. And when I saw Eyedip’s Pocket Devil, I immediately thought – “Hey, this must be a sequel – I have to check it out!” Oh, how wrong was I! Feel free to discuss this review of Pocket Devil in our forums.

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Turn your Ex into a Zombie with Zombiebooth

MotionPortrait Inc, the bright minds behind the unique and innovative photo apps PhotoSpeak and HourFace, have taken their photo-to-animation technology and created ZombieBooth. With ZombieBooth, you can turn yourself or family/friends into blood-thirsting zombies:

MotionPortrait’s cutting-edge technology takes a still photo and turns it into a living, breathing 3D movie that snaps and bays for brains right there on the iPhone screen.

Once you’ve selected your desired image from the camera roll, your “victim” will soon be turned into a 3D model of a zombie. You can then interact with your new friend by dragging a finger around the screen and even let him/her/it take a nibble or two! If you enjoyed MotionPortraits’ previous apps or always wondered what kind of zombie your ex would make, ZombieBooth is certainly worth a look. Video and more info after the gap.

ZombieBooth: Alive in 3D photo MotionPortrait, Inc., ZombieBooth: Alive in 3D photo – $0.99

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The Game Trail – Sifting the App Store’s wheat from the chaff

Think about it: Youtube is a great resource. You can catch up on stupid adverts, funny advice, and most of all, game videos. Fabrication GamesThe Game Trail aggregates the App Store’s 20 000 games, susses their scores, and helps you make the most informed buying decision. If they’ve not used their complex rating algorithm on the app you really want to know about, go ahead and submit the question to them – they’d be only too happy to help. Best part about Game Trail? It’s FREE!

The Game Trail Fabrication Games, The Game Trail – Free

Piccies and the skinny after the gap:

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E! Online is ready for the Oscars – are you?

In the spirit of glam and plastic surgery, support for the Oscars has come to E! Entertainment’s popular E! Online iPhone app. Version 1.1.1 gives fans new and interactive ways to engage their favourite stars and gossip with that special Oscar flare. Remember to suss your Oscars for a chance to win 1$ Million dollars thanks to Bite Interactive’s Red Carpet.

E! Online E! Entertainment Television, Inc., E! Online – Free

Piccies, Press and more after the gap:

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The Red Carpet offers 1 Million Dollars for sussing the Oscars

Evidently, the Oscars are coming up – who’d have thunk? Aside from the expected excitement generated from the Bite Interactive’s cool new contest, The Red Carpet itself is a classy app for Oscar fans featuring: film scoops, previews, reviews, film tracker and Netflix. If you consider yourself a movie junkie who might just need 1 000 000 dollars, then download this 2.99$ app and get guessing. If you can suss all 24 winners, then, well…

… could be yours!

The Red Carpet Bite Interactive, The Red Carpet – $2.99

Rules, piccies and more after the gap:

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HourFace in Review – You, in 90 years

Novelty apps really thrive at the App Store. And I’m not talking about the infamous fart sort – TMA aren’t that interested in gassing. Rather there are quite a number interesting and creative apps out there. I’ve recently reviewed such a one from MotionPortrait, Inc. – PhotoSpeak and was very impressed by what it can do. And now we have a new title from the same developer – HourFace.

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Today’s Cutie: TOKYO VIDEO Babes: Aimi Hoshii

If this were the Chronic 2001 and I an accomplished Hip-hop artist, I would say, “It’s a Digital Adventure day-” followed by a racial slur. It isn’t and I am not, so I will just go on to say that Digital Adventure have got a couple of front-pagers today. This time, the cute cake-eater, Aimi Hoshii has been captured in a pretty comprehensive photo/video book. Fans of gravure and cuteness be ready.

TOKYO VIDEO Babes: Aimi Hoshii Digital Adventure, TOKYO VIDEO Babes: Aimi Hoshii – $1.99

More pics and info after the gap:

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ZURA Camera – Wigged out and digital

In Japanese, づら is short for かつら and かつら is pretty well short for: hair loss. If that is you, or if you just like to play with wigs, Digital Adventure have a wigged out app for you: ZURA Camera. The app is simple: take a picture, put on a wig, maybe a funny disguise. It is a cute way to enjoy the trivialities of instant costumes and hair loss.

ZURA Camera Digital Adventure, ZURA Camera – $0.99

More piccies and info after the gap:

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Today’s Cutie: Asian Sexy Girls

For those who buy gravure for the literature, Asian Sexy Girls doesn’t come with much of a an app description. But, for the rest of you who just enjoy demure pouts and bikinis, there is still a lot to love. Since my counting ain’t too good, I can’t say how many photos are included, but for 2.99$, there are plenty o’ sexy pictures inside.

Asian Sexy Girls Splash Gene, Asian Sexy Girls – $2.99

More piccies and description after the gap:

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