Infuse updated with AirPlay support and WiFi file transfers

Infuse , my favorite video player on iOS, has been updated with some highly anticipated features, including AirPlay, TV out (with HDMI/VGA adapter), WiFi file transfers and more. Besides being able to play most popular video formats – thus saving you the time of first converting into MP4 format – and its beautiful interface, Infuse lets users easily download subtitles right from within the app and also integrates (keep track of all the movies and shows you’ve watched with a free account). Personally I’ve been waiting for AirPlay support since the app released and thankfully, streaming to an Apple TV works flawlessly from what I’ve seen so far. There have been no lags or video/audio quality issues with the dozen or so files I’ve tested. The only downer is that subtitles are disabled once AirPlay is enabled. Fear not though, as FireCore has just mentioned to me that this is something they’re working on and hoping to implement in the next update in 2-3 weeks.

Infuse is a free update for existing users and costs $4.99 on the App Store. More info after the gap.

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Make your Pottery designs come to life


Infinite Dreams’ Let’s create! Pottery HD (makers of iQuarium and Jelly Defense) has already been downloaded 5 million times and is widely considered one of the more unique experiences on the App Store. Not only can you create virtual pottery, but now thanks to a partnership with Sculpteo and their innovative 3D printing technology, users can finally turn their works of art into real objects.

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Quick Pick: Frequency ~ Tune in, Watch Videos

Have you ever found yourself jumping from app to app, or webpage to webpage watching online videos from various sources? If so, you need Frequency. It’s similar to Zite in that it aggregates news content under one roof, but instead of articles, you’ll find videos. Lots of them.

Frequency finds, organizes and delivers all the video you care about. Instead of going to all of your favorite websites, social networks and apps to watch the latest videos, this 5-Star app brings the best of everything to you on your iPad or iPhone.

With Frequency, you can watch video from all your favorite online sources on your favorite topics: news, comedy, entertainment, food, fashion, health, music, sports, technology and much more. You can also watch videos your friends share with you on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and from your YouTube account.

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SlingPlayer for iPhone and iPad now 50% off ($14.99)

SlingPlayer for iPhone and iPad, the mobile app that lets Slingbox users stream content directly from their TV/DVR to their iDevices (via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi), has dropped in price for the very first time – from $29.99 down to $14.99. Using the combination of both hardware and iOS app, you can watch your favorite shows no matter where you are, as if you were sitting right in your living room. The one big caveat is that SlingPlayer will only work with Sling Media’s newer models – the Slingbox SOLO and Slingbox PRO-HD. For those of you living in Canada or the US, there’s an upgrade program where you’ll get $50 off towards the purchase of either the SOLO or PRO. The final requirement is that your iPhone/iPod Touch needs to be running iOS 4.2.5 or higher, and on the iPad iOS 4.2+. Video of some of the app features after the gap.

SlingPlayer for iPhone Sling Media, SlingPlayer for iPhone – $14.99
SlingPlayer for iPad Sling Media, SlingPlayer for iPad – $14.99

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Apple releases Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad

Gearing up for the eventual release of iOS 6, Apple has released earlier today a standalone app for discovering, subscribing, and playing podcasts on your iDevice. Simply called Podcasts, the universal app will help streamline the entire podcast experience on your iPhone and iPad. Currently on iOS 5, you you can stream and listen to podcasts right from the, but if any were downloaded for offline listening, you’d have to make your way to the to access those files. Now with Podcasts, everything is done under one roof. An all-new “innovative” new Top Stations feature lets users find and try new podcasts from a variety of categories, including arts, business, comedy and more.

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Stream video to your iPhone and iPad easily with AirAV and MediaShare (both currently free)

Some of you probably have your favorite method of streaming movies, tv shows and other videos from your desktop to your iPhone and iPad on the home network. But for those of you who don’t, here are a set of apps (AirAV for iOS and MediaShare for Mac, both of which are currently free) that make the entire process extremely easy to set up – so simple in fact that no configuration of any sort is required on the users’ end.

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Apple Movie Trailers app now supports new iPad’s retina display

The boys are back for one last slice...

iTunes Movie Trailers, the app version of Apple’s popular movie trailer website of the same name, has been updated to support the new iPad’s 2048-by-1536 resolution display.

iTunes Move Trailers 1.1 is now designed for the spectacular Retina display on the all new iPad.

Aside from the high-res updates to the movie posters and other assets, the trailers themselves have also been improved. As long as you’re streaming them at “High Definition” (Settings –>Trailers –> Trailer Playback Quality), the trailers look awesome on the new iPad. If you’re watching them on LTE connections though, you may want to be careful and think about bumping down the quality settings a touch. Otherwise, your monthly data quota will be consumed before you can say “damn you movie trailers!”

iTunes Movie Trailers Apple, iTunes Movie Trailers, – Free

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Price Drop: Inspire Pro for iPad now $0.99

Inspire Pro, the highly rated painting app for the iPad, has now dropped to $0.99 (down from $7.99) to celebrate French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s birthday. While there are plenty of art apps on the App Store, Inspire Pro is among one of the most popular in its genre, especially when it comes to oil painting.

Try Inspire Pro and you will quickly see that it is a painting app like no other! The key feature is the simulation of wet oil paint on canvas, allowing amazing blending effects with five real kinds of brushes. You will be stunned by what you can do with a dry brush!

Inspire Pro is not a Photoshop clone. It does NOT have layers or a large number of brushes. It does, however, have the BEST color blending capability on the App Store. Whether you’re a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between, you will enjoy the simplicity and power of Inspire Pro.

Inspire is also available for the iPhone, which sells for $4.99. Check out some of the very impressive paintings made with Inspire Pro after the break.

Inspire Pro - Paint, Draw & Sketch KiwiPixel, Inspire Pro – Paint, Draw & Sketch, – $0.99

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Mad Lips update adds new design, web image search and more

Mad Lips, the “mind control made easy” app that lets users of all ages superimpose recordings of their moving lips over any image, has been updated to version 2.0. Aside from the all new design to its interface, Map Lips has implemented a most handy web image search feature that’ll allow users to import photos of celebrities or other famous people for their personalized talking video animations. Of course, you’re still able to use images from your camera roll, take a new snapshots, and even Mad Lip your friends’ Facebook profile pictures. The fun-for-all-ages app is free to download and comes preloaded with photos and a video so you can jump right in. And for $1.99, you can unlock the “Pro” upgrade in-app to enable longer video recordings and additional voice effects, retrieve more image search results and be able to send/share frameless (unbranded) videos. You can check out some zany Mad Lips creations right here on YouTube.

Mad Lips Affective Apps, Mad Lips, – Free

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The Walking Dead – Walkers Kill Count Released on the App Store

AMC’s The Walking Dead, based off of Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book series of the same name (which happens to one of my favorite comics), now has its own companion iPhone/iPad app - The Walking Dead – Walkers Kill Count. Using audio fingerprinting technology (like Shazaam but for video), Walkers Kill Count lets you play along while watching season 2 of the hit zombie show.

Play along LIVE with The Walking Dead – Season 2, as you watch the latest episode on FXUK.

Predict the number of Walker kills, who did the most dirty work and what brutal weapon ended their life.

Hit the SYNC button at any point during an episode to connect your iPhone/iPad to the show, whether you’re watching live or later on catch-up.

Watch as your predictions unfold and experience even more intensity with our live, beating, thrillometer!

Follow the latest The Walking Dead tweets and join the conversation.

Boast about your final score with friends via Facebook or Twitter and revel in the Walker kill stats across previous episodes.

Re-live your favourite Walker kills through our extensive Season 2 video gore fest.

Make your predictions now…

The second half of Season 2 starts on February 19th, so if you’re a fan of the excellent (and gory) TV show, grab the free iOS app and begin making your kill count predictions.

The Walking Dead - Walkers Kill Count Fox (UK), The Walking Dead – Walkers Kill Count, – Free

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