Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad in Review

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Last year I was hot ‘n bothered for a mobile office app. What I got was Quickoffice, an app that went through a lengthy teething stage, but eventually became an iPhone keeper. This year’s Quickoffice Connect Mobile for the iPad is the culmination of a year’s worth of tweaks, good ol’ fashioned GUI design, and a glut of file support.

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Office² HD In Review – My 2nd portable office

Back in March I reviewed Office² for the iPhone. It was a great app that provided me with all the office tools that I used on a regular basis – word documents and spreadsheets. And recently I had the opportunity to review the latest creation from developers ByteSquared, Office² HD. As expected it’s a remake of their popular iPhone app, developed specifically for the iPad.

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Make money on your iPhone/iPod Touch with Field Agent app

Have you ever wished that instead of spending all your money on apps, you could actually make some coin off of one? Thanks to the Field Agent app, this is now possible. Think of it as a market place where companies post “jobs” and iPhone users can make money by simply completing them.

What is Field Agent? It’s an app that begins with a Client (who needs information) creating a job requesting specific information via its website. Field Agent then reviews and broadcasts a request to Agents, (iPhone users in the field) who have installed the free Field Agent App. Agents use their iPhones to collect and return information and get paid for the service. Payments can range from $2 to $8, depending on the job’s degree of difficulty.

From what I gather, many of the jobs are of the ‘Pricing Survey’ type, where you have to perform a price check of an item (with photo) and enter the data via the app. There’s even a Rep Score system where you earn points by completing jobs within the allotted time frame. The higher your score, the better the jobs offered. This innovative approach to creating jobs from an iPhone app is still fairly new (currently not a whole lot of job posting at the moment and only in the US), but if it does take off, Field Agent could be great to earn a bit of side money without a whole lot of effort.

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Field Agent, Field Agent app, Free

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Office² In Review – My New Portable Office

If you’re at all like me, you’ve integrated almost every aspect of your life with your iPhone. For me that means along with all the games and media, I also have what I need to do much of my job all in the palm of my hand. Luckily I happened to have Office² from developer Byte Squared sitting in my hands. Read on to see if this productivity app gets the job done.

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ReaddleDocs 2.1 update – DropBox and GoogleDocs support added

The already impressive ReaddleDocs got a huge update last week, garnering it an even more laudable feature set. It has always been a benchmark app which transformers your iDevice into a wireless flash device for native viewing of an impressive array of filetypes. 2.1 brings donwload/upload support for GoogleDocs and DropBox. Yep, it’s pretty much a pocketknife for reading applications and comes well-recommended by TouchMyApps.

New features:
– Browser: clear history, “return to browsing” button, open bookmarks from main page
– Saving Web Archives (complete pages with images)
Embedded browser is only available when safari is enabled in “Parental controls”

Bug fixes:
– improved stability for POP3/IMAP transfers
– fixed issues with WebDAV client
– line breaks in text editor are shown correctly
– stability and interface fixes in PDF viewers
– minor interface improvements

ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) Readdle, ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) – $4.99

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Scanner Pro in Review – Readdle Helps Make Your Printed Word Portable

I’ve reviewed DocScanner, JotNot, and Business Card Reader, three apps which were designed to function as portable scanners. If one lacked in features, the next was unorganised.  Many people questioned the need for another portable scanner, but I ask: why use 2 apps when one is enough? Let me put it this way: Readdle’s Scanner Pro really is quite sweet.

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Elena Dyatlova of SHAPE Services


The “Jesus” phone is not only about gaming. It has the highest ratio of people using it both for business and personal purposes. And one of the most renowned companies making invaluable business apps is SHAPE Services. The creators of the best All-in-one IM on the AppStore – IM+, as well as the recent hit and the #1 business app – Business Card Reader. And today to talk to us about all things iPhone is Elena Dyatlova – the PR Manager for SHAPE Services.

Shape Services have also discounted several of their high-profile apps for the holidays. You can read about it in our Santa Claus is coming to TouchMyApps article.

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Business Card Reader in Review – Lightening your wallet one card at a time.


Most people, especially those in the business world, have at least a few business cards in their wallets and/or purses. Whether the contact  is for restaurants, or other professionals, business cards are still the standard way to pass on all your contact info to the masses. The only problem is that if you’re at all like me your wallet tends to get a little full and you start to run out of places to put them. Now, using the latest in text recognition software by ABBYY, SHAPE Services (developers of the wildly popular IM+) have come through with a great solution.

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RDM+ in Review – Have your PC with you anywhere… even without the PC!

Has it ever happened that when you get home, or are on a customer’s site, or even on vacation and remember that one critical file you forgot to take with you, or that e-mail you forgot to send? Well, it happened to me more than once (just don’t let my boss know). Well, Shape-Services, creators of the best messaging app on the iPhone, IM+, have released RDM+ – the ultimate answer to remote desktop control anywhere, anytime, using any connection!

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