Today’s Cutie: Asian Sexy Girls

For those who buy gravure for the literature, Asian Sexy Girls doesn’t come with much of a an app description. But, for the rest of you who just enjoy demure pouts and bikinis, there is still a lot to love. Since my counting ain’t too good, I can’t say how many photos are included, but for 2.99$, there are plenty o’ sexy pictures inside.

Asian Sexy Girls Splash Gene, Asian Sexy Girls – $2.99

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Broken Sword: Director’s Cut slashes into the AppStore

Our original report back in December has finally been confirmed by the arrival of Broken Sword: Director’s Cut at the AppStore. Broken Sword is one of the best adventure games of all time and has been made even better with new cutscenes and an added storyline.

It was a quiet day in Paris when a clown blew up a cafe. George Stobbart is thrown in the middle of detective story revolving around the Knights Templar. Now he must enlist the help of the beautiful Nico to follow the clues of an ancient manuscript.

I will follow up with a review in a few days, but believe me, there’s no need to wait for that – go and pick it up NOW. Also be sure to check out The App Store’s Best Adventure Games.

Broken Sword: Director's Cut Revolution, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut – $6.99

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New Adventures: Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon bites into the AppStore, Secret of the Lost Cavern Part 3 lights the way

Oh, happy day! Two first-class adventures just found their to the AppStore. One of them is part 1 of Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon announced late last year by Tetraedge Games and Chillingo. The other is part 3 of 4 of the Secret of the Lost Cavern saga following the release of part 2 just last week. This is indeed a grand day for all fans of quality adventure games  on the iPhone.

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon ? Part 1 Chillingo Ltd, Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 1 – $0.99

Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 – $0.99

Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep. 2 Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep. 2 – $0.99

Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 3 Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 3 – $0.99

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Today’s Cutie: Blond Jokes Jigsaw – hot puzzle?

While McApps are more known for quantity rather than quality, today they may well have bucked that trend. Blond Jokes Jigsaw – apart from the strange spelling – is a clever amalgamation of cute-sexyness and humour. You see, upon the completion of the 50 jigsaw puzzles, you are given a new blonde joke. Not sure if I should put an (!) somewhere here, but the idea sends thrills down my manly spine.

Blond Jokes Jigsaw McApps, Blond Jokes Jigsaw – $0.99

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Green Tips! – free, eco-friendly for the green beginner

Here’s a conundrum: why do some ‘green’ apps ask you to pay for tips which can be read for free on internet? The answer is another shade of green. Sedona Software’s Green Tips! is one of a few which ask nothing in return to not only saving you a few dollars, but pointing you in a better direction. Okay, so a lot of the tips are ‘common sense’, but surprise surprise, there is no monopoly of the stuff. Another free app which uses the same or very similar database is MacAppetite’s GreenNexxus Green Tips (notice a trend?). The venerable Go Green is also a good free choice.

Green Tips! Sedona Software, Green Tips! – Free

GreenNexxus Green Tips MacAppetite, GreenNexxus Green Tips – Free

Go Green Webworks and Applications, Go Green – Free

One thing to be wary of though: all of these apps refer to very similar databases. And each is not for the true environmentalist; they are for newbies who still own cars and think nothing of plastic bags or running the tap for hours. These tips are very good for the beginner.

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New App: National Geographic World Atlas – A Journey All around the Earth

If only Professor Otto Lidenbrock and his nephew, Axel, were born a century and a half later – their trip to the interior of the earth would have been spared a few mishaps. As it is, National Geographic World Atlas comes at a poignant time: when the news of earthquakes and floods constantly tips all four corners of the globe in the minds of more and more people.

World Atlas allows armchair adventurers to explore the globe in: classic, political, satellite, and antique views. It also makes use of the in-built triangulation and GPS functions.

National Geographic World Atlas National Geographic Society, National Geographic World Atlas – $1.99

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App Store Boner – Cancer sells: a story by Prof McMurphy and ZENESSA

ZENESSA are right when they say: “McMurphy’s Subliminal App for Cancer Patients can’t replace the appropriate treatment”. And they are right when quite positively, they postulate: “By controlling your thoughts, you CAN change your life”. But in titling their latest app Subliminal App for Cancer Patients by Prof McMurphy (SACPPM), they may have overstepped their already obnoxiously low morals. SACPPM is a stitch job of text fields, a few recorded encouragements and some retina reruns; it stands on the same technology as the other Subliminal ZENESSA apps which tackle various mental issues such as the fear of flying to trying to keep it up (YKWIM). And, in drawing attention to the word subliminal, ZANESSA are playing a somewhat open hand. But that open hand is a dangerous precedent especially at the volatile App Store. ZENESSA have turned cancer into a mental issue.

Subliminal App for Cancer Patients by Prof McMurphy ZENESSA, Subliminal App for Cancer Patients by Prof McMurphy – $2.99

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Today’s Cutie: Sexy Goth Girls

Yes, there is a sexy app for fans of gothic gavure. Sexy Goth Girls features nothing less than black, silver, and lots and lots of self loathing. Smiles come at a minimum of course, but for the inner vampyre, hell – this app just might satiate a different sort of thirst. There are 50 pages of “the most beautiful goth girls” right on your iDevice. This collaborative effort from Tea Monster and Mutagenic Studios is oh just so devilish a delight!

Sexy Goth Girls Tea Monster, Sexy Goth Girls – $0.99

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Today’s Cutie: Japanese sexy girl [Rio Natsume/Naked]

It is really hard to keep my eyes safe and sound and this subject, but alas something caught my eye: the word ‘naked’ in an app description. While 24 year-old Rio doesn’t shed more clothes than she is already barely wearing, she does make her bikini look very small. Developer are famous for multitude gravure apps and just keep adding to the small daily discoveries.

Just like the multitude of ‘sexy’ apps which capitalise on the first three letters in order to sell, ‘naked’ may make the charts. Can’t say I am adverse to Ms. Rio though…

???? ????Naked?/ Japanese sexy girl [Rio Natsume/Naked], Japanese sexy girl [Rio Natsume/Naked] – $1.99

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – Jacks Its Way Onto The App Store!

It’s now safe to say that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has made its debut on all three major portable gaming platforms: DS, PSP, and now the iDevice. Though it’s unexpected, we iDevice gamers are a happy, lucky lot. Hopefully, Rockstar won’t pull an Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery scenario and yank the game from the App Store after too few short hours.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – $9.99

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