Debut: Iron Man 2 for iPhone and iPad

Whether you prefer to Downey around your foes or blast them to Cheadles, Gameloft has your Iron Man 2 bases covered. This action game fights baddies while traipsing the Iron Man across the globe. And, it looks like Avatar’s engine may have been reincarnated for another blockbuster tie-in.

Play as Iron Man for speed and agility or suit up as War Machine for maximum firepower. Both suits offer easy-to-learn controls and the ability to run, hover and fly at will. You’ll also have the chance to jump into the Mark IV, Mark VI, Stealth and underwater suits. Whether you prefer to pound your foes in melee combat with your fists or to lay down the destruction from a far with your weapons, you can upgrade your suit after each stage with improved weaponry and abilities to devastate your foes.

Iron Man 2 Gameloft, Iron Man 2 – $6.99 (iPhone and iPod touch)

Iron Man 2 Gameloft, Iron Man 2 – $9.99 (iPad)

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1112 episode 02 now Available

The highly anticipated sequel to 1112 episode 01 (the first adventure game to be exclusively designed for the iDevice) is now finally available on the App Store. Episode 02 takes place right after the events of ep. 01, but even if you’ve yet to enjoy the first, the sequel will bring right you up to speed via carefully crafted intro sequences. ChiffaN had an exclusive hands-on preview of the game and found it to be an adventure “masterpiece”, so good that it’ll easily top 1st Person Adventure category on our App Store’s Best Adventures list.

Fans of 1112 and adventure games in general will definitely want to check out episode 02. Even causal gamers will likely enjoy uncovering the mysterious circumstances behind Louis’ (protagonist) storyline. Be sure to visit 1112’s official support forums right here at TouchMyApps should you require some help advancing through the game.

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Make money on your iPhone/iPod Touch with Field Agent app

Have you ever wished that instead of spending all your money on apps, you could actually make some coin off of one? Thanks to the Field Agent app, this is now possible. Think of it as a market place where companies post “jobs” and iPhone users can make money by simply completing them.

What is Field Agent? It’s an app that begins with a Client (who needs information) creating a job requesting specific information via its website. Field Agent then reviews and broadcasts a request to Agents, (iPhone users in the field) who have installed the free Field Agent App. Agents use their iPhones to collect and return information and get paid for the service. Payments can range from $2 to $8, depending on the job’s degree of difficulty.

From what I gather, many of the jobs are of the ‘Pricing Survey’ type, where you have to perform a price check of an item (with photo) and enter the data via the app. There’s even a Rep Score system where you earn points by completing jobs within the allotted time frame. The higher your score, the better the jobs offered. This innovative approach to creating jobs from an iPhone app is still fairly new (currently not a whole lot of job posting at the moment and only in the US), but if it does take off, Field Agent could be great to earn a bit of side money without a whole lot of effort.

Complete app details and video after the break…

Field Agent, Field Agent app, Free

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Too much free time? MMORPGs are storming the iPhone!

The one thing that iPhone users have been able to avoid thus far has been the enourmous time sucker known as MMORPG games. And don’t even think of mentioning iMobsters and the like – I think the creators of Mafia Wars should be impaled on the spot. Nevertheless, it seems the amount of free time you’ll have is soon going to decrease drastically. Two full-featured (well, almost) MMORPGs have just hit the AppStore and I’m talking, of course, about Pocket Legends (3D MMO) and the highly-anticipated IMO: The World of Magic. Both of the games are FREE, so there’s no need to think about it – just check them out! Or at least check out the descriptions and screens after the gap!

Pocket Legends (3D MMO) Spacetime Studios, LLC, Pocket Legends (3D MMO) – Free

IMO: The World of Magic Com2uS Inc., IMO: The World of Magic – Free

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Debut: OpenTTD for the iPad – transport tycooned!

I must’ve spent ages on Transport Tycoon Deluxe back in the day – I still consider it one of the best tycoon games ever made and certainly the best transportation one. Apparently I’m not the only one to feel like that, hence the OpenTTD project that recently went to version 1.0.0 after about 6 years in development. It is a complete cross-platform remake of the original with lots of added features, huge maps, new vehicles, industries, and much more.

Why am I writing all of this here? Well, because the TMA’s prolific pal: ZodTTD, has already released a FREE port of OpenTTD on the iPAD! I know some of you may have grabbed a previous version of OpenTTD for the iPhone but lets face it – the controls simply didn’t work for the small screen and the overall experience was terrible. With the larger screen real estate of the iPad it looks god damn amazing – I wish I had one already! So if you’re a fan of tycoon games and already a lucky owner of an iPad – what are you waiting for?

OpenTTD for iPad ZodTTD, OpenTTD for iPad – Free

Screens and description after the gap.

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Debut: GetOlympus: Gallery & Photography Tips

Louis is the Olympus guy, not me. But anything at the App Store from a professional camera maker gets me hot’n bothered. GetOlympus is a social networking app where users in USA and Canada can share their photos, tips, and photography stories. For students of photography, it is a virtual lesson. Thankfully, Olympus released GetOlympus for free (a good bit of advertising wuffie if you ask me), so anyone with a camera can benefit from their benevolence. The only catch is that you need to be connected to the internet to enjoy the content…

GetOlympus: Gallery & Photography Tips Olympus Imaging America Inc., GetOlympus: Gallery & Photography Tips – Free

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Glamour Ask A Stylist – for those ‘stripes or plaid?’ moments

If you are still unsure how to get dressed in the morning (cue FaithlessShe’s My Baby), Glamour and have an app that’ll help you clue in. Evidently, a number of full-time stylists are waiting in the wings to help you get a clue. Thankfully, their time is cheap and the app is free. WSJ has a cute plus/minus look at the app which may get me into iPhone fashion shape.

Glamour Ask A Stylist, Glamour Ask A Stylist – Free

Debut: Opera Mini Web browser – The fat lady has sung

My wager: Apple will never let a competitor’s web browser into the App Store, cost me a particularly good horse. I may be the only one not happy about the debut of Opera Mini Web Browser. Had you met Hillie, the pony-horse, you’d be equally upset.

It’s small consolation that in her place is the only current alternative to Apple’s one-horse webkit monopoly lead by iPhone Safari. Opera Mini is cute; it has all the pertinent functions in easy-to-reach places and better in-app settings than iPhone Safari. It also generally handles website formatting better than good ol’ WebKit and has a lovely implementation of tabbed browsing. Overall, it’s a ‘good’ experience which would bring in a TouchMyApps rating of Grab. In some cases, it loads slower than Safari and iPhone OS controls are substituted for blocky, oddly-placed alternatives _almost_ as if Opera Software ASA wanted nothing more than to spite Apple for its two-year boycott of NIMBY* software. But it is worthwhile, especially if you find yourself at the mercy of mobile browsers more often than not. Feel free to discuss Opera Mini Web browser VS Safari in our forums.

Opera Mini Web browser Opera Software ASA, Opera Mini Web browser – Free

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Cover your email tracks with TigerMail

Earlier in March, we previewed 2 apps that’ll keep your SMS/Email messages from prying eyes by having them”vanish” right off of your iPhone. After some delay, TigerMail, the highly publicized app inspired by Tiger Woods has finally arrived in the App Store.

TigerMail was inspired by media celebrities and their “transgressions”, often revealed by a history of text messages. Obviously, there are so many other practical and justifiable uses for it. TigerMail should be part of your texting arsenal for those situations where the utmost in secrecy is required. For covert operations, undercover work, cloak-and-dagger scenarios, and clandestine meetings, TigerMail is your best solution…Protect yourself with TigerMail. Tigers don’t always leave tracks!

Unlike the competition, TigerMail should give even the ultra-paranoid a peace of mind as none of their messages are saved on any servers – they’re simply forwarded from one iDevice to another. It should be noted that both parties will require the app to be installed on their device in order to send and receive these one-and-done messages. The pro version will set you back $2.99, though it’ll provide users all the bells and whistles, including the ability to control the dissolve method and rate of all sent messages. Developer SYSLL has also given us a free Lite version that is ad supported and missing a few features, but will still give you access to the app’s core functionality.

TigerMail Pro SYSLL, TigerMail Pro – $2.99
TigerMail Lite SYSLL, TigerMail Lite – Free

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The Pinball free for Mac OS X and Remote Utility for iPhone now available

We previously had a quick sneak peek at Gameprom’s ‘The Pinball’, a collection of 3 pinball games set to make its appearance on the iPad. First up though is the OS X version, which has just been released for the Mac and now available as a free download. That’s right, The Pinball is free, though it only includes the Wild West Pinball table (still a pretty sweet deal if you own a Mac). To unlock Jungle Style Pinball and The Deep Pinball, they’ll set you back $2.99 each. The part where it gets interesting though is how you play the game. Gameprom has also released the free Pinball Utility for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to purchase the extra tables AND control all aspects of the game.

Pinball Remote OOO Gameprom, Pinball Remote – Free
Download link for The Pinball on Mac

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