Samurai: Way of the Warrior HD now out for iPad

MADFINGER Games’ Samurai: Way of the Warrior, one of the most unique and visually impressive hack and slash titles for the iPhone/iPod Touch, has been completely re-written from the ground up for the iPad and makes its way to the App Store today as an “HD” release. We reviewed the game last year and found it to be highly enjoyable (and bloody) experience:

There’s nothing better than literally splitting your enemy in half, like right out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon, or slashing his head off like popping the head off a daisy – blood splattering all over, even up onto your screen. Really there’s nothing not to dislike about Samurai: Way of the Warrior, and I can’t help but give it a Kiss It rating.

The HD version of Samurai not only sports high-resolution graphics, combination attacks, fatal dismemberments and enhanced AI, but also an iPad exclusive “Deadly Dojo” survival mode. Needless to say, for iPad owners out there who missed out on the iPhone version (not to mention those who have an affinity for “bloody” good games), I recommend you give the newly minted HD version a go. Slicing and dicing enemies has never been more fun. Video trailers after the break!

Samurai: Way of the Warrior HD MADFINGER Games, Samurai: Way of the Warrior HD – $4.99

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English for green thumbs: Learning To Speak English: In The Garden

EasySource (Hong Kong) have some interesting English press releases, but they also have a pretty rad outlook on English educational apps. Traditionally, getting Little You to speak English instead of your native language costs thousands of pesos and robs your house of a screaming brat for hours at a time. If EasySource are to be trusted (and who wouldn’t trust a company called EasySource?), ESL education can be had for as little as 3.99$. Learning To Speak English (yep, each word cap’ed) uses traditional flashcards to coax a little of the Queen’s language from your child.

English teachers: TMA’ll keep it under wraps for your job security.

Learning EasySource, Learning To Speak English: In The Garden, 3.99$

Apple releases ‘Find My iPhone’ app: Locate your lost or stolen iPhone and iPad

Only several days ago, Apple released their Apple Store app to allow users to browse and shop for Apple products, reserve the latest iDevices and even make appointments for 1-on-1 help sessions (Genius Bar). And now, the big A has released another handy lil app to help users locate their lost/stolen iPhone and iPad. Should you be unfortunate enough to lose your iDevice, simply install the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to see where it is on a map. You can then display a personal message on the lost device (telling the other party to return it or else…) and even have it remotely locked and ensure that all the data is wiped. Of course, the one catch here is that you have to subscribe to the mobileme service ($99/yr or 60 day free trial) in order to make use of this app. If you’re not already a subscriber, perhaps being a new owner of the upcoming iPhone 4 will change your mind. More info after the gap.

Find My iPhone Apple, Find My iPhone Free

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skobbler: free GPS by dint of OpenStreetMap

If skobbler’s devs have one thing painted in their collective brains at the moment, I reckon it’s “OpenSource for the win!” or some such motto. In the USA, skobbler, the OpenStreetMap-based turn-by-turn navigation/GPS app, is a huge win for what may well be the future of navigation apps: open source mapping. You the customer can also be the mapper, and God only knows that you know your locale better than any Samsung-style megacorp who tries to tell you that they know better. Hell, rather than waiting for the bigwigs to finally update their software, thousands of your mates on a variety of platforms are mapping the world for you.

In case you aren’t in to oil spill-suckers, there is also a pedestrian/bicycle mode. Perhaps its killer feature though, is that the US version  comes with no monetary strings attached – at all. Needless to say, skobbler has been a hit in its native Germany and ruffled quite a few feathers in the process, but those feathers probably don’t belong there in the first place.

skobbler US ? truly FREE turn-by-turn voice navigation skobbler GmbH, skobbler US, FREE

Screenies and more after the gap:

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Fonts + Mail for iPad – 114 fonts for 99 cents

Yikes! If you’re sick and tired of the paltry selection of fonts for the iPad, Yi LV may be able to help. No fewer than 114 fonts will raid your iPad’s mail app in exchange for your dearly partied 99 pennies. Unlike some native apps, Fonts + Mail for iPad gives a decent preview of each font so you don’t blindly change into important mails.

Palm Heroes YI LV, Fonts + Mail for iPad – $0.99

Screenies and more after the gap:

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Debut: 1112 episode 02 HD – The AppStore’s LOST finds the iPad

Just in time for the international iPad launch Agharta Studio has released the iPad version of their amazing 1112 episode 02 adventure. This dark and atmospheric adventure game holds a well deserved top spot in our AppStore’s Best Adventure Games and gets even better on the big screen. Agharta Studio have also optimised the interface to match all the extra pixies.

Adventure game lovers, you owe it to yourself to get this badboy.

1112 episode 02 HD Agharta Studio, 1112 episode 02 HD – $7.99

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Broken Sword: Director’s Cut HD is now out on the AppStore!

There are games and then there are Games. And one certainly worth the capital “G” is, of course, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut (TMA Review)! I think there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that it is one of the best adventure games on the iDevice and holds a well deserved crown of the top 3d person adventure in our AppStore’s Best Adventure Games round-up, which incidentally was updated quite recently with several new titles being added.

Well, now you can fully enjoy this BAFTA-winning classic on the big screen of your iPad with the long awaited release of Broken Sword: Director’s Cut HD for a measely sum of $7.99. What’s more, bundled with the big-screen version in addition to the high-res graphics is an exclusive never-before released digital comic by Dave Gibbons. Get the game now or check out the press-release and more screenshots after the gap.

Broken Sword: Director's Cut HD Revolution, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut HD – $7.99

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BeejiveIM for iPad now Available

BeejiveIM , one of the most popular and fully featured instant messaging clients for the iPhone/iPod Touch, is now (finally) available for the iPad.  It’s been the go-to IM app for many on the iDevice due to it’s many features, which include:

  • Reliable and efficient networking: be connected 24/7, and it’s gentle on your battery.
  • Be connected even after you close the application. Get notified instantly when you get a new message with Push Notifications.
  • Works with multiple IM networks, multiple accounts per network: AIM®/iChat, MSN®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, Facebook IM, ICQ®, Jabber, and MySpace IM.
  • Send and receive files, including pictures and voice notes. View and forward received documents.
  • Desktop-like instant messaging with all of your IM buddies from a single intuitive user interface.

With a shortage of premium IM apps for the iPad at the moment, it’s definitely good to see the release of BeejiveIM for iPad. However, unlike BeejiveIM’s biggest competitor IM+ (which is a universal app that works for ALL iDevices), BeejiveIM for the iPad will set you back another $5.99 (currently on sale). Loyal users of the IM app who now own an iPad likely wouldn’t mind ponying up a few extra bucks, but still, it’d been nice if it were a free download for existing customers.

BeejiveIM for iPad Beejive, Inc., BeejiveIM for iPad – $5.99 (TMA Review – iPhone version)

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Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 3 has seen the light on the AppStore – It’s time to face the count

Update: if you require some help during your Dracula journey, be sure to visit Tetraedge’s official support forums right here on TMA!

I’m very excited to announce that the final part of Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon saga, developed by Tetraedge games and published by Chillingo, has been released on the App Store. The story of Father Arno and his quest to uncover the dark and bloody mysteries of Vladoviste is concluded with some unexpected twists at the end. TMA’s shigzeo reviewed Dracula part I back in late January 2010 and had this to say:

Dracula is more fun, more atmospheric, and more acutely entertaining than either Mysterious Island game is. It is streamlined, involving, and has great writing.

I myself consider it to be one of the most atmospheric and involving adventure games ever to be released on the iDevice, one with an exceptional storyline and great graphics. If you’re a fan of the genre, I highly recommend you grab the games now; at the very least, check out the official description after the gap.

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon ? Part  1 Chillingo Ltd, Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 1 – $0.99

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon ? Part  2 Chillingo Ltd, Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 2 – $1.99

Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon - Part  3 Chillingo Ltd, Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon – Part 3 – $1.99

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The complete Secret of the Lost Cavern has surfaced on the App Store

Coladia has got its act together and released the full version of their Secret of the Lost Cavern adventure game, previously available only in episodes. Now you can follow the adventures of Arok from start to finish without the hassle of downloading and managing individual episodes. And if you’re still in doubt – check out our review of Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 or simply download the first episode for FREE.

P.S. On an interesting side note, the developer have said that they’re currently raking in more cash from the full title than from the individual episodes. Chances are, they won’t be releasing any more episodic titles in the future, opting to wait for the full complete version instead.

Secret of the Lost Cavern Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern – $4.99
Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 1 (TMA Review) – Free

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