Dual-SIM iPhone 4? No, I’m not smoking crack!

While Apple’s competitors try their best to draw some attention from the Jesus phone by boasting features like replaceable batteries, microSD cards and support for dual-SIM cards, a small manufacturer decided to take things into their own hands. And no, I’m not talking about AirPhone NO. 4-esque knockoffs. usbfever has just released an iPhone 4 Dual Sim Adapter Case, which augments the already awesome capabilities of the iPhone 4 by adding support for 2 SIM cards! And even without the necessity to cut them down to microSIM size!

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DIY iPad case: ぞうのハナコ (the elephant flower girl)

Introducing the elephant flower girl DIY iPad case

While big name livery gets all the headlines, it’s the products of real makers that stand out. Really, what’s 5$ of felt and a few hours of your time? The above is the product of my genius wife, who having run out of room in her Celtic colouring book, decided to make a case for her iPad. I showed her my scheduler-esque Marware Eco-Vue iPad case (certainly svelte for a scheduler – and pictured here for the Kindle), but she wasn’t impressed. She wanted cute. We headed to PixDix, to the Apple Store, to BestBuy, to #Apple, and to various online retailers; not a one presented anything quite cute enough. Frustrated, but still kicking, my wife found SopoShop, and a really cute elephant pouch. Every poet is a thief and every biology lab researcher can replicate the finest of details, so while we bypassed SopoShop’s unfortunate dearth of iPad cases, we did come away with the elephant flower girl.

Piccies and more after the gap:

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Pair up your Guitar and iPhone with Guitar Sidekick

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the phrase “There’s an app for that” by now. But what about “There’s a clamp for that!” ? Probably not, but that’s what Castiv’s recently released contraption does; it serves as a guitar mounting system that will prop up your iDevice (sorry no iPads allowed) while you serenate your hot date. The Guitar Sidekick should also come in handy for players who wish to follow along guitar lessons on YouTube, display tabs and more importantly, be able to more comfortably use the hundreds of App Store apps like  Scale Cards, GuitarToolkit and MySongbook – Lyrics & Chords. Some of its features include:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Works on acoustic, classical and electric guitars
  • Does not effect the acoustics of your
  • You can still tune your with the Sidekick on
  • Can rotate to accommodate either portrait or landscape view

For guitar players who are still learning the ropes (chords, scales etc), the Sidekick certainly has its appeal. No more trying to set your iDevice at different angles on a table just so you can take a better look at the screen.  It’s been awhile since I had some quality time with my guitar, but I’m quite eager to check this out on my Ovation and make better use of the guitar apps I own. Price? $29.99 on Amazon. Take a look at the brief Youtube slideshow after the gap…

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iPhone 4 antenna issues solved by iGlowPhone

Having trouble with iPhone 4 Death Grip issues? Well, now you can solve them in style. Apple’s Free Bumper case program, while a reasonable solution in its core, leaves much to be desired. I’m talking, of course, about the eventual look of your iPhone 4 with the bumper case on. It sucks :) And the availability of other third party cases is still unknown.

But all is not lost! Mobile Riot Gear has just put on sale a spectacular case for your iPhone 4 – the iGlowPhone. Made of high-quality vinyl, it seamlessly wraps around the device and is made to resemble the style of the stock creation of the genius that is Steve Jobs. And did I mention it glows in the dark? And all that for a measly sum of $10.95 with FREE shipping!

Video after the gap!

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Parrot AR.Drone – The dream-toy for the Jesus phone, international launch dates and pricing now available!

I first came upon the news about the Parrot AR.Drone Quadricoptor about half-a-year ago. This dream toy immediately caught my attention as  an amazing showcase of what the future may hold for both our children and kidults in terms of gadgets and entertainment. The one thing that plagued my mind though ever since I laid eyes on the AR.Drone was when will it be available and how much will it cost. I even got an exclusive interview with Michael Pastor of Parrot for some juicy details and the info I sought for. Unfortunately I found only half of the answers at the time – with neither the dates nor pricing defined.

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Pioneer Audition XW-NAS3-K – iPhone/iPod touch audio/video – kitchen sink included

Pioneer are the latest in a long line of well-known audio/video companies to release a fully iDevice-integrated speaker dock. “Been there, done that”, you say? Think again. Pioneer’s Audition may be another 2.1 device, but comparisons can stop there. Once plugged in, the Audition strips the iDevice’s cheap DAC, processing music digitally instead. Users can also enjoy A2DP Bluetooth audio from their iPod touch 2-3G, iPhones, and other mobiles. That, my friends, is a step up from both the Bose SounDock and the now legendary Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin and the Zeppelin Mini. It’s also got component and composite video outputs and a Bluetooth adapter port.

At 449$, it certainly isn’t cheap, but Pioneer’re obviously aiming pretty high with the Audition’s long feature list.

It is compatible with the following iPods and iDevices:

iPod Classic, iPod Nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Generations), iPod Touch (1st and 2nd Generations), iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

Full spec and more piccies after the gap:

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Viper SmartStart – Start your car anywhere with an iPhone

Have you ever been jealous of folks with expensive cars who can lock, unlock and even start their rides remotely using their keys? We can’t all afford to buy the latest BMWs and while remotely activating your vehicle is far from a necessity (unless maybe you’re a getaway driver), it’s certainly an impressive application of modern technology and a bit of a status symbol.

So whilst hugely expensive modern cars may be out of a lot of people’s price range, smartphones are a much more affordable piece of technology and are increasingly prevalent in many parts of the world. If you own an iPhone, you can now enjoy showing off to your friends by starting your car anywhere with the Viper SmartStart application (note: SmartStart must also be installed in your vehicle for this to work).

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iClothing offers pockets for your iPad – iTee and iDress to impress

There’s nothing ridiculous about iClothing’s iTee or iDress. I mean, this is the iPad we are talking about, a magical item whose name has rightly been tarnished by feminine hygiene jokes. The Aussies are stuffing the iPad down under, so why not stuff the big ol’ iPod touch in an almost-cute one piece, or an almost-cool tee-shirt?

You can get your very own iPad-tailored tee-shirt for 44.95$, but be advised that only S and XS sizes are available. The iDress? It’s sold out, but can be revived with a kinky email to iClothing with the tag: “I WANT AN iDress!”

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