iPhone 4 Defender Series Case In Review – The Perfect Protection For Your Precious Portable!

For the last couple weeks I’ve been using the iPhone 4 Defender Series Case by Otterbox, who’ve long been referred to as one of, if not the best providers of durable cases for mobile phones. With all the horror stories about the phone’s supposed “gorilla glass” breaking and cracking, I was extremely eager to test one out and protect my own Jesus phone.

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Hasbro races Nintendo’s 3DS to market with the release of my3D Glasses for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch

As reported by the Associated Press, Hasbro Inc. will bring direct competition to Nintendo and their handheld 3DS gaming market with the release of my3D Glasses for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.

Expected to release in the spring of 2011 for the low price of $30 (Nintendo’s 3DS releases in March of the same year for an expected retail price of $299), my3D has the added advantages of not only playing games in 3D, but giving you full 360 degree travel and entertainment experiences.

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Angry Birds Plush Toys now ready for pre-orders, set to ship in December [Update]

It’s no secret that Rovio Mobile, developers of the insanely popular Angry Birds (TMA Review), has been working on creating Plush Toys based on the addictive game’s avian heroes. What remained uncertain however, were details on pricing and availability of the toys that will undoubtedly be a top seller with Christmas quickly approaching. And just as Rovio has been rumored to make an official launch announcement anytime now, online toy store ToyWiz jumped the gun and started taking pre-orders for the cute fluffy birds.

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Meet jorno, the folding bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone and iPad

For most people (unless you’re this guy), typing on an actual keyboard will always yield better results than the virtual keys of the iPhone and iPad. This is why whenever my Macbook doesn’t tag along on shorter trips, I always bring along my Wireless Keyboard from Apple to pair up with my iPad. Bluetooth keyboards aren’t new by any means, but they’ve come a long way in both usability and aesthetics.

Cervantes Mobile’s upcoming jorno is one such keyboard. Weighing in at 8.8 ounces, it folds up into its own case and comes in at 8.5″ in length when fully extended. The rechargeable lithium ion battery is said to last a month per charge and it also comes with a dock that will fit the iPhone and iPad (among other mobile gadgets). As much as I love my Apple keyboard, the jorno really does look enticing, especially with it’s ability to fold up and fit into smaller compartments. For those interested, the Jorno should be available in early 2011 at the retail price of $99, but it can be pre-ordered now for $79. More info and images after the gap.

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Ecoball sound system – portable solar-powered speakers

While probably not as sleek on the front of a Marinoni Fango cycloross bicycle as the Cy-Fi wireless sports speaker, Pedro Gomes’ Ecoball is a great idea for hikers, picnickers, beachers, and sportsters who love the outdoors. Sporting solar power strips, your speakers shouldn’t run out of juice (as long as you use them outside), and they fold up into a big, tight ball (TWSS), for easy toting. As with many enterprising designs out there, Ecoball doesn’t have a manufacturer yet, but I can promise that its design is sound. iPod accessory makers – let’s get running!

Wanna know more? Check out the Pedro Gomes’ Ecoball sound system at Behance
Thanks for the tip, Yanko!

iPad Case: Marware Eco-Vue for iPad in Review – ain’t no flower girl

If the iPad was a perfect device, a lean-to would have been magically embedded into its smooth backside. Instead, it is almost perfect and we, the heavy-walleted consumers, have to shell out for lean-to’s and keyboards for typing, cases, and other accessories of all sorts to protect its polished posterior. Ever faithful case manufacturer, Marware, have adopted the ‘leather’ Kindle Eco-Vue case for the iPad to help typing, presenting, travelling iPad users part with their money in the confidence that their metal investment is safe and sound.

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Griffin’s upcoming PartyDock – a whole new dimension of gaming?

Griffin, renowned third party Apple accessories maker hints at expanding the media and gaming possibilities with its FCC filing of the PartyDock, an interesting device that will allow up to four players using iPads and iPhones to play casual/family games via iTunes which are specifically adapted to the PartyDock. In addition, the device is also optimized for viewing photos, movies and videos. Furthermore, PartyDock plays music and supports composite and component video.

Griffin promises an easy set-up out of the box, with three free mini-games and one full-version game, four controllers, cables and power supply thrown in.

From the looks of it, PartyDock just might be the next step in mobile gaming development. More images after the gap.

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Beautiful Leica and Nikon Rangefinder skins for the iPhone 4

Leica M9 minus the 8000$

Photo enthusiasts, when Steve Jobs said the iPhone was “like a beautiful old Leica camera”, the heaven’s shook and water poured from the pores of expectant camera fans. Leica cameras have been sexy for decades, but they are really, really expensive. Thankfully, the precisely designed iPhone 4 shares some shocking similarities with a few Leica cameras and costs thousands less. Thanks to the clever use of seals and iPhone cases, users can enjoy their iPhone 4’s in mock Leica goodness. For the poor in spirit, Nikonjin have unearthed Nikon rangefinder skins as well.

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