Add a Joystick to your iPad with Fling Game Controller

Previously, we had seen the Tactile+Plus sticky pads give iPhone and iPod Touch users more tactile feedback when gaming on the device. Now Ten One Design, makers of the popular Pogo Sketch Stylus, is taking it a step further and will soon be offering the Fling Game Controller for the iPad. The Fling is a clever little add-on that will serve as an analog joystick for any game that makes use of a virtual d-pad on the tablet. Thanks to the 2 suction cup attachments, users can easily place the joystick anywhere on the screen.

Now imagine playing games like Spiderman: Total Mayhem HD and Dungeon Hunter 2 HD on the iPad using the Fling… sweetness! You can pre-order it now for $24.95 in 3 colors (or a 2 pack for $38) and they’ll ship around Jan 28. Video demo of the Fling in action after the gap.

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Iomega SuperHero Dock backs up and charges your iPhone

Touted as the “first of its kind”, Iomega will soon be releasing the SuperHero, an iDevice dock that charges AND backs up its contacts and photos into an SD card (sadly not for apps and music). The potentially useful dock is primarily meant for users who rarely plug in their iPhones and iPod Touches with their computer in order to sync with iTunes. Here’s how it works:

When an iPhone loaded with the SuperHero app is placed in the SuperHero dock, the app launches automatically, giving the option of backing up the contacts and photos while it charges the phone. Users can name their iPhones with the SuperHero app so that multiple iPhones can be charged and their contacts and photos backed up with the same SuperHero Backup and Charger. After the initial backup of an iPhone’s contacts and photos**, future backups only include incremental contacts and photos. If a user loses or damages their iPhone, they can restore their contacts and photos to a new iPhone by docking the new iPhone in the SuperHero dock and selecting the “restore” button.

Priced at $69.99, the SuperHero Dock will likely not appeal to those who make it a habit of syncing their iDevices with iTunes on a regular basis anyway. But for those casual users who hardly ever backup their contacts and photos (and I know quite a few people who don’t), the dock could prove to be an invaluable bedside accessory. Promo video and full press release after the cut.

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Introducing the Hive Dock: Turn your iPhone into Powerless Mini-TV [Video]

Here’s a nifty gizmo for those of you who always wished their iPhone screens were slightly larger for viewing TV shows and movies. Created by a company called ScreenDoor Studio, the Hive Dock will essentially blow up the iPhone’s Retina Display via a magnifying lens, and thus no electricity is required.

Requiring no electronics or power, Hive amplifies the iPhone’s onboard speaker in either landscape or portrait orientation. It does this by channelling the sound into a concave chamber that projects the sound upward and outward toward the listener’s ears. A Fresnel lens stands parallel to the iPhone’s Retina Display at a set distance of 4 inches, providing crystal clear 2X magnification.

So far, it appears that the dock is only compatible with the iPhone 4, so iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS users maybe out of luck. The Hive isn’t currently on sale yet, but it will make its debut this week at CES. Check out the video demo after the gap.

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VentureCraft GoDAP in Review – audio and power for the people!

Firstly, I’m not dead. Now with that out of the way:

What do you get when you combine the audiophile heart of the iPhone with a juiced-up ad-hoc power supply? Or, perhaps I should ask it this way: what made VentureCraft, maker of car-mounted cameras and creative telegrams, shoot for the moon and create an audiophile iPhone battery jacket? My guess is a pioneer spirit. VentureCraft are the first company to build such a combination. As off-beat as the GoDAP battery jacket and headphone amp combo unit may sound for a company like VentureCraft, it is certainly worth the raised eyebrows and facepalms. It’s just so ingenious and geekily disturbing that it’s worth a perfectly long review!

Feel free to discuss VentureCraft’s GoDAP in our forums.

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ZAGGmate with Keyboard to turn your iPad into a 10″ Laptop. Now available for Pre-Order

While iPad cases that incorporate a fully functional keyboard into its design is not entirely new (like the Kensington Bluetooth keyboard and Aidacase Folio Deluxe cases), the upcoming ZAGGmate w/Keyboard is probably the most intriguing and promising keyboard case I’ve come across to date. Embedded is a Bluetooth keyboard that includes special function keys specific to the iPad: music and volume control, slideshow, home , search, virtual keyboard toggle and more. The outer shell is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and an anodized finish that matches nicely with that of the iPad.

And if you don’t see the need for the external keyboard, the ZAGGmate also comes as a standalone version, which essentially becomes an ultra thin aluminum case and adjustable stand (with 10 viewing angles) for your iPad. The ZAGGmate w/Keyboard will sell for $99 US, while the regular ZAGGmate will set you back $69. Both are now available for pre-order and will ship on or slightly before Dec 17th. This is certainly one iPad accessory we look forward to reviewing in the near future. In the meantime, check out the promo videos and screenshots after the gap.

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Griffin’s Black Friday Sales: Up to 70% Off + Free Shipping

Griffin, one of the biggest accessories companies around and makers of the PowerDock Dual, is now holding their Black Friday Sales Event, where select items are on sale up to 70% off. Some of the bigger drops include the Charge/Sync Sock Simplifi (was $70, now $29.99), SmartTalk Bluetooth (was $120, now $49.99) and the USB Reserve Power (was $40, now $29.99), a USB-like stick that holds extra juice for your iDevices.

The sales are divided up by Under $50, $25 and $10 categories and there should be something for everyone. And the Free Shipping should sweeten the deal if you find a product or two that peaks your interest. Check out the entire Griffin Black Friday Sales right here. These offers are valid thru 11/30.

Keep your iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard Snuggly with iPad Wallet

Are you an iPad owner who can’t be without their trusty Apple Wireless Keyboard, but you don’t have a compact traveling bag to properly protect them when on the road? Feast your eyes on the iPad Wallet from WaterField, makers of quality bags and sleeves for your gizmos.

The iPad Wallet features two scratch free, lightly padded internal pockets for both your iPad and keyboard, keeping them separate and safe. An additional pocket allows room to carry your connection wires and even your iPhone. The Wallet also comes with impact-resistant inserts and a self-locking zipper for added layers of protection.

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Meet the Neo-i, the first all-in-one iDevice sound dock with built-in Pico projector

Going on sale in mid-December (just in time for Christmas) for a recommended retail price of $449, the Neo-i by Optoma delivers onto the consumer the first plug ‘n’ play sound dock with built-in Pico projector for your iPhone and iPod Touch, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your audio and video content in one transportable, tabletop device. The Neo-i comes complete with a 16-watt built-in stereo speaker system and additional inputs to accommodate just about any source component.

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