A Smart Wooden iPad 2 Cover

Just when you thought the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 couldn’t get any sexier, Holland-based company Miniot has created a similar cover that’s made of wood. Carved from a single piece of certified (cherry) wood, the Miniot Cover utilizes magnets to mimic the functionality of Apple’s Smart Cover. Flip it open to wake up the iPad, close it to put it back to sleep. And of course, you can roll it up into a cylinder for typing or watching movies. Priced at €50 (roughly $70 US), this smart wooden cover will undoubtedly turn heads and should give pause to those who plan on buying one of Apple’s own leather covers, selling for $69US.

You can order yours starting today (Mar 25th) and personal engraving is included for free. Check out the video demo after the gap.

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MST Audio supporting Red Cross Japan with proceeds from Red Tide sales

I’ve been following #Japan on Twitter since the horrible earthquake and corollary tsunami last week. Among the myriad voices, the Japanese audiophile community has been rallying support. MST Audio, maker of the fabulous FiQuest headphone amp, will be donating 32% of the proceeds from their new, limited edition Red Tide interconnect cable, to the Japan Red Cross. Red Tide uses 15cm long CV4.2 cabling from AudioQuest and will hook up your iPhone/DAC to a headphone/car/home amp. Red tide will cost 95$ of which, 30$ will be donated to the Red Cross. Cables should be ready to ship out one in April. Since many of Japan’s supplies are constrained after the devastation, only 50 of MST’s Red Tide will be made. Shipping information is as follows:

ASIA:$12; Oceania and Northern America:$15; Europe:$18; Southern America and Africa: $20

Via first class international
ASIA, Guam & Saipan:$4.5; Oceania, North America & Europe:$5.5; South America and Africa: $6.5

Purchasing will be handled through MST’s sales account: sales@m-s-tech.jp

MST Audio are located in Tokyo and have seen first hand the devastation wrecked by the earthquakes and tsunami. They’re a nice bunch of lads who have their ears on one thing: audio perfection, and their hearts in the right place. Thank you MST!

NOTE: Watch this post for information on where to sign up for Red Tide.

Material6 In Review – Mother Nature, The Sexiest Accessory Of All!

As nice as it is to look at the iPhone 4’s glass back, the fact is that it wouldn’t really take much for it to break.  Countless stories have been posted online by people who have experienced this heart breaking ordeal. So what do you do if you neither want a case that’ll hide the elegant design of the phone nor risk damaging its back side? Enter Material6, a company that specializes in turning the back panel of your iPhone 4 into carefully hand-crafted wood. Yes, wood!

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iPad 2 Cases Roundup

The iPad 2 was officially unveiled 2 days ago and it sure didn’t take long for third party manufacturers to announce their own line up of iPad 2 Cases.  From the Apple iPad Smart Cover to the ZAGGmate w/ Keyboard, there will be plenty of choices for those planning on buying the upcoming tablet. Here’s a glimpse of some of the iPad 2 cases that will hit the market in the very near future.

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iPod Nano 6th gen software update brings playback control via the hardware buttons

One of the most welcome updates to the iPod line at Apple’s Sept’10 event was the overhaul of the iPod Nano, streamlined to be just a tiny bit bigger that the iPod Shuffle 2G/4G, while getting a fully-functional touchscreen interface. I myself immediately fell in love with this superb device and having been given it as a New Year’s gift, have never looked back since.

Unfortunately, using it in the not-so friendly winter climate of Russia is sometimes a bit difficult. Probably the most annoying is the necessity to wake it up and then find the pause button whenever I want to distract myself from the wonderful sounds it produces. It might not seem like a big deal but when it’s -25 degrees centigrade outside, doing all of the actions necessary to pause playback with the gloves off is not especially attractive. And my second frustration was with the podcast playback, which is what I mainly use my iPod for – after a track finishes you have to manually toggle the next one. Again, -25 degrees, remember?

Today having plugged in my lovely iPod for a podcast update I was excited to see a new software update was available. And with it, both my nagging issues have been resolved.

Official list of changes can be found after the gap…I’m off to enjoy my podcasts.

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TMA iBallz Originals Giveaway!

Recently I reviewed some great iPad accessories by Friendly Integration LLC. The first was their unique signature iBallz Originals, followed by their iBallz Lid and Hard Case offerings. I thought the products were innovative and definitely filled a need. In fact I love them so much that I am giving away a free set of iBallz to one of our lucky readers! Full contest details on how to enter after the break!

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blueSLR Wireless Camera Control in Review – Gotta have it iDevice camera trigger

While certain Canadian icons such as RIM and maple syrup slide in popularity, Sonomax’s unique custom earphone, and XEquals’ BlueSLR, a gotta-have-it dongle that turns your iPod touch/iPad/iPhone into a remote shutter release for your camera, are hoisting the Canadian flag to new technological heights. For me, the latter rocks simple reason that: I always have my iPod touch with me, and that I’ve been looking for an integrated wireless shutter release for my camera for a long time. Considering that the BlueSLR also does GPS and a host of other things, I think that many photographers will agree that this is a revolutionary product.

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ZAGGmate with Keyboard in Review – One Sleek Case and Keyboard Combo for your iPad

When it comes to accessories for the iPad, we’re no longer just seeing cases, stands, or screen protectors on the market. Manufacturers have started to cater to users who aren’t all that keen on typing with the iPad’s virtual keyboard for extended periods. As such, the iPad is often being paired up with Apple’s own iPad Keyboard Dock or Wireless Keyboard. This may be good for when at home, but on the road, it can be cumbersome to lug around the two separately.

It’s no wonder then that we’ve seen a whole new market open up for cases that incorporate a physical keyboard. The Kensington KeyFolioGembox  Keyboard Case and the upcoming Adonit Writer are such examples. Unfortunately, most add unwanted bulk and make your iPad look more like a crummy (second hand) netbook. Thankfully, ZAGG has come up with a solution that is both sleek and sexy, not to mention fun to use – the ZAGGmate w/ Keyboard case.

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iBallz Lid and Hard Case In Review – ‘Cuz Sometimes Your iBallz Need Protection Too!

The iBallz Eye Lid Case

Just recently, I reviewed a great protective device for your iPad called iBallz. Not only is their design amazingly innovative, but they also provide for a surprising amount of protection for the magical tablet. Today I’ll be taking a look at a couple cases that are designed to work with AND without your iBallz: the iBallz Lid and iBallz Hard Case.

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iBallz Originals In Review – Testicular Fortitude For Your iPad!

We all love our iPads. This supposed “consumption only” device has become an important part of many of our digital lives. It’s no wonder then that we want to keep it safe. Cases are great and I’ve got a few myself. However there are times when you don’t want to have it all wrapped up, and the bulk it adds makes the tablet seemingly less convenient. Enter iBallz, easily one of the most uniquely designed (and eye catching) accessories for the iPad. And with a name like that, I had to get my hands on a pair.

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