iPhone fashion – skirting the geek

This is geek chic

Fashionistas see the iPhone and iPod touch as more than just an accessory. To them, it is an integral part of an outfit, a statement, a clever way to enhance their get up, or vica versa. It’s all part of the game and it makes sense. At the other end of the spectrum are the geeks. This fun-sucking group keep their portable devices locked away in Otter Boxes and wear only the most manly of earphones, swearing that it’s girly to accessorise a piece of steel and glass.

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‘Touch Wood’ with your Skydda iPhone Case

For the proud iPhone owners out there, there’s a good chance that you’ve already purchased some form of protection for your beloved iDevice (as they say, “no glove no love!”). More likely than not, your case is made of silicone or even leather. What if you wanted something different, something say, made of wood? Enter Skydda Designs, a company that has taken on the task of making premium iPhone 3G/3GS cases carved from a single block of premium-quality hardwood and hand-polished to a satin finish. Skydda offer two types of cases: the TradCase is made from Walnut, Cherry or Teak hardwoods, while the TradDuo (two-toned) comes in Maple/Walnut or Maple/Cherry flavors. Surprisingly, these unique cases are quite affordable, considering that you’re getting wood carefully carved to fit your iPhone like a glove. A TradCase will set you back $44.99 US, while the TradDuo will cost $54.99. More info including piccies after the break.

And if you always wanted to see the Skydda in action, check out TMA’s review of the TradDuo

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iPhone Coaster Set from Meninos – digital spillage OK’ed

The life of a TMA editor should be empty now that I’ve discovered that I doesn’t own the one iPhone product I need: the Meninos iPhone Coaster set. It costs 59.99$ and comes with the following spec (like how I threw in that tech gobbledygook?):

• 16 coasters
• Made from sturdy MDF plywood
• Wrapped with a premium vinyl decal and durable varnish to protect the design.
• A thin rubber layer on the bottom keeps the coasters from slipping around.
• Reusable and washable.

If you don’t trust us though, check out the reviews and video review from blogger: Chris Pirillo

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MoviePeg stand for your iPhone and iPod Touch

Watching a movie/tv show on your iPhone or iPod Touch without a stand of sorts can quite literally “cramp your style”. We’ve seen plenty of make-shift and DIY stands made from paperclips, LEGO,  pencils  and even an Airline Barf Bag. If you prefer to NOT get creative and make your own though, you may want to check out MoviePeg.

Forget awkwardly propping up your iPhone with your bag or that complicated tripod contraption. Add MoviePeg to your iPhone, adjust the angle and like magic you’ll be in relaxed viewing heaven. And it’s not just for movies; use it in the kitchen when following recipes, with the guys watching sports, as a night-stand for your alarm clock, in the garage working through those how-to instructions, or keeping the kids entertained without the evidence of sticky little fingers. No matter how you use it, MoviePeg is your super portable iPhone tilting wonder.

Made from recyclable materials and sold in 6 different colors, the MoviePeg will set you back a reasonable £ 4.99 ($7.50US). Add another $3US for shipping and handling (outside of Europe) and you’re good to prop your iDevice up for whatever it is you’re doing.

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Tom Bihn bags for iPad – Made to fit?

Cache on the left, Ristretto on the right

Like vultures circling the half-dead carcass of hapless desert hunter, accessory makers will be swooping in to take advantage of the iPad’s hype. Some already have and if Tom Bihn’s accessory bags are any indication, the iPad hasn’t really met accessory makers yet. Both the Cache and the Ristretto appear to be made for another product and at the last minute, got an ‘iPad’ pasted over the top, but come on Tom, you could do better. If the above designs catch your fancy, the marketing report below may just put you over the top.

More after the gap:

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iTête à iTête – Interview with Parrot’s Michael Pastor – AR.Drone – future of augmented reality gaming

Hey there folks! I know it’s been a while since my last interview. The holiday rush caught up not only to me, but to my prospective victims as well. But holidays have come and gone, the dust has settled and we have quite lineup of interviews for the coming weeks. If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of development of your favourite apps, games and accessories – make sure to stay tuned to TouchMyApps.com and subscribe to our RSS feed.

The iDevice controlled, quad-propeller Parrot AR.Drone helicopter debuted at this year’s CES. And we got some mouth time with the kind folks behind this dream toy! Joining me today is Michael Pastor – the Marketing coordinator for the AR.Drone project.

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iPod touch/iPhone remote app for Kleer Wireless devices


Kleer, manufacturer of true lossless wireless audio transmission technology, will release an iDevice app designed to interface with products from multiple vendors which benefit from Kleer’s wireless technology. Kleer has the advantage over the other popular wireless solution, Bluetooth, by firing a stronger, higher quality signal to receiving devices, and has unique pairing options. You can read more about Kleer VS. AD2P for the iPod touch, and in TMA’s review of the Cy-Fi Wireless sports speaker which has turned my training sessions into safe, tuneful workouts.

Press Release after the gap:

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Want to accept credit card payments from your iPhone? Well, there’s a service for that!


Technology moves in leaps and strides. Just a few decades ago, most people had never heard of credit cards: carrying around tonnes of cash was essential. Now it’s hard to imagine our lives without those little pieces of plastic that make life so much easier. Just today I stumbled upon a new company that allows the iPhone to accept credit card payments with the help of a little gizmo attached to the audio jack. The device scans the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card for payments wherever and whenever.

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Shop now with our TouchMyApps Accessory Store


We are proud to announce the opening of TouchMyApps’ very own Accessory Store, where you’ll find a huge assortment of cases, chargers, bluetooth headsets and much more for your beloved iPhone. Powered by MobiHand, a leader in mobile content solutions, TMA’s store carries products from over 60 brand names (Belkin, Jawbone, GRIFFIN…) at competitive prices.

To start browsing for your next iPhone accessory purchase, you will find the “Store” link located in our top navigation bar or you can simply click here. We also have a Store RSS feed, just so you can keep up with the latest releases and best sellers. This newest addition of TMA is one of the many exciting features we have planned for the site, which includes an upcoming forum and an App Store that will keep track of the 100,000+ iDevice apps. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy visiting our Accessory Store and happy shopping!

iZoom – 8X optical power for snipers and peeping Toms


Princeton, the web-store responsible for the off-kilter “Invitation to the Innovations” slogan, have a beautiful piece of glass for the iPhone. The iZoom provides 8X optical zoom lens, a tripod, and a screw-in lens mount for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. And, according the the spec, this cheap attachment shoots at F1.1 speed for out-of-focus blurring. For the artistic sniper, this ~45$ attachment may mean the difference between simple head shots and sexy glamour shots. For peeping Toms… well, this lens should do the trick.

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