The do-it-all iPhone Spiderpodium Dock

Spiderpodium Dock with a nice catch

Get a grip. Walk your iPhone. iCatch your iPhone …or something like that. I’m not a marketer, but I wonder what sort of marketing campaign breffo launched or will launch for the intriguing Spiderpodium Dock. It’s basically a foldable seat/cradle/carriage/jail cell for any of the iDevices and I’ve my eyes set on this accessory. And, its shower stool-like tail end has got a 30-pin connector-shaped port. Yep, you can plug your lappy, line out, headphone amp, and even DAC into your iDevice without breaking the spider’s scary death grip.

Actually, TMA should be reviewing it in the next month or so, so hang on. The best part, especially after getting used to many overpriced options is that its 1995 pennies are shy of so much of the competition.

Lots of photos and info after the gap:

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Bose SounDock 10 – Shooting for the Zeppelin


Bose has made a few great alarm docks for the iPod since the dawn of the dock port. Now, years later, and with growing competition, they are engaging afterburners by offering a top-tier system for the iPod. The SounDock 10 features a newly designed woofer whose main attraction is a larger magnet which Bose claim will deliver “stronger low notes you’ll notice right away” and good claims that the iPod dock will rival bigger, more expensive systems.

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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini launched


For home audiophiles, B&W have a cooed a soft spot among those who love nothing more than to carve an audiodition into their housing budget in order nest a 50 000$ sound system. But, for those on more realistic budgets (not to mention, iPod fans), the Zeppelin Mini looks to be an extraordinary follow-up to the original Zeppelin which revolutionised iPod dock systems for integration and quality.
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