Snappgrip turns your iPhone into a point and shoot camera


The Gizmon iCa iPhone camera case is downright awesome. But what if you want a more hefty grip so that your iPhone literally feels more like a real digital point and shoot camera? Enter the Snappgrip, a cool bluetooth enabled case/controller that just started its Kickstarter campaign moments ago.

snappgrip provides camera controls for smartphones. The snappgrip controller mounts to a protective phone case so that you can conveniently attach it when you want to use your handset for some serious photography.

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Gizmon iCa iPhone camera case in Review – Barnack would be proud

Steve Jobs (RIP) may have publicly glibbed that the iPhone 4 was “like a beautiful old Leica camera”, but he never saw the Gizmon iCa coming…

No one did. And I’m glad. Perfectly succinct designs, such as the iPhone and the iCa, are obvious only after debut. Why is that? As I sip diluted tea at my dining table and type, scenes from the past two weeks flood over me. These few weeks have seen me skipping, happy, snappy, and experimenting. I’ve found a love for digital photography. Finally.

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SlingShot gives your iPhone better video stabilization for under $20

Fancy yourself as an i-videographer? Well, this Kickstarter project should go on your list of must-have accessories while shooting those critical scenes. Created by professional photographer and design engineer Charles Waugh, the SlingShot’s a video stabilization gizmo that not only works with the iPhone, but a whole range of smartphones as well. Made with industrial grade acetal resin, the unique cradle can stretch out and securely grip even the Samsung Galaxy Note (a whooping 5.3″ screen). A ball-mount lets you swivel your device and the handle hides a set of legs that’ll turn it into a handy table-top tripod (the cradle can also be removed and mounted onto any standard tripod).

The project has currently reached nearly $10,000 of its of goal of $20,000, with 41 days to go. A pledge of only $14 and you’ll receive the SlingShot with free shipping in the US (international orders add $10). Check out the video and production description below.

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Photojojo iPhone SLR Mount turns your iPhone into Nikon or Canon mirrorless camera

Photojojo’s new iPhone SLR Mount may just turn  your iPhone into the elusive (and rumoured) Canon/Nikon mirrorless camera system. It is a case, threaded filter ring, extension tube with aperture coupling and included Nikon or Canon mount. It is fair to guess that since the lenses share no electronic coupling with the iPhone itself, you’ll have to meter, guess at apertures, and experiment like the very oldest of days. Thankfully, you’ll have at least 8GB of space to do it with as the iPhone SLR Mount works with the iPhone 3G/3GS or iPhone 4. A tripod mount fits the butt of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G/3GS, but the weight of the entire unit with a lens might be a stretch for the Turtle Back (the threaded mount) unless you use a Voigtlander pancake.

Hit the gap for more from Photojojo.

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blueSLR Wireless Camera Control in Review – Gotta have it iDevice camera trigger

While certain Canadian icons such as RIM and maple syrup slide in popularity, Sonomax’s unique custom earphone, and XEquals’ BlueSLR, a gotta-have-it dongle that turns your iPod touch/iPad/iPhone into a remote shutter release for your camera, are hoisting the Canadian flag to new technological heights. For me, the latter rocks simple reason that: I always have my iPod touch with me, and that I’ve been looking for an integrated wireless shutter release for my camera for a long time. Considering that the BlueSLR also does GPS and a host of other things, I think that many photographers will agree that this is a revolutionary product.

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iZoom – 8X optical power for snipers and peeping Toms


Princeton, the web-store responsible for the off-kilter “Invitation to the Innovations” slogan, have a beautiful piece of glass for the iPhone. The iZoom provides 8X optical zoom lens, a tripod, and a screw-in lens mount for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. And, according the the spec, this cheap attachment shoots at F1.1 speed for out-of-focus blurring. For the artistic sniper, this ~45$ attachment may mean the difference between simple head shots and sexy glamour shots. For peeping Toms… well, this lens should do the trick.

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