twig, a Multi-Talented Cable for the iPhone

Meet twig, a highly unique iPhone cable designed by 3D PRODUCT, a product development company located in Portland, Oregon. Unlike Apple’s standard USB cable, twig is only 4 inches (102mm) long and made with 3 bendable legs that give it added versatility. With an iPhone docked, the legs can be bent to create a make-shift tripod, great for snapping photos or hands-free FaceTime sessions. It can also be be used as a wall charger, made to wrap around various objects and even as an earbud cord wrap. The twig is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and Nano and comes with a variety of colours (8). This Kickstarter project needs to meet its goal of $50,000 and after 2 days, it’s already at nearly $28,000. For a pledge of $18 (the early bird special), you’ll get a black twig, while with $20 pledge, you can pick from a color of your choice.  Check out the video below of how the final design for twig came to be.

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MST Audio supporting Red Cross Japan with proceeds from Red Tide sales

I’ve been following #Japan on Twitter since the horrible earthquake and corollary tsunami last week. Among the myriad voices, the Japanese audiophile community has been rallying support. MST Audio, maker of the fabulous FiQuest headphone amp, will be donating 32% of the proceeds from their new, limited edition Red Tide interconnect cable, to the Japan Red Cross. Red Tide uses 15cm long CV4.2 cabling from AudioQuest and will hook up your iPhone/DAC to a headphone/car/home amp. Red tide will cost 95$ of which, 30$ will be donated to the Red Cross. Cables should be ready to ship out one in April. Since many of Japan’s supplies are constrained after the devastation, only 50 of MST’s Red Tide will be made. Shipping information is as follows:

ASIA:$12; Oceania and Northern America:$15; Europe:$18; Southern America and Africa: $20

Via first class international
ASIA, Guam & Saipan:$4.5; Oceania, North America & Europe:$5.5; South America and Africa: $6.5

Purchasing will be handled through MST’s sales account:

MST Audio are located in Tokyo and have seen first hand the devastation wrecked by the earthquakes and tsunami. They’re a nice bunch of lads who have their ears on one thing: audio perfection, and their hearts in the right place. Thank you MST!

NOTE: Watch this post for information on where to sign up for Red Tide.