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Sentinel 2: Earth Defense in Review – Added ship weapons make for a better TD

Origin8’s Sentinel: Mars Defense was a nice departure from cute graphics and light-hearted atmosphere among the bevy of tower defense games at the App Store (not to mention it was the first TD to successfully merge the Sci-Fi theme with the genre). It was dark and suspenseful, and planning for the bosses while defending the
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Todo in Review – What are the rave reviews all about?

For any who have read my Pocket Informant review, you already know what got me into looking for apps that sync to online services, but for those of you who haven’t read it yet, I’ll give a brief summary of my need for online back up. At first, I depended on the inbuilt notes app
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Lasers in Review – Twisting my Brain

Recommended and apparently popular in other iTunes stores around the world (I’m on Japan’s iTunes), it looked like a simple app and simple puzzler. With the good logic, patience, and persistence that I was blessed with, I thought that Lasers couldn’t be too difficult. The app description mentioned something about redirecting lasers through ‘gems’. I understood
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Vay in Review – Oldschool RPG Nostalgia + 2 Promo Codes!

I picked Vay up in the hopes of returning to my childhood memories of playing turn-based RPGs: a need for nostalgia. Vay’s story begins when Prince Heibelger (the main character) is about to marry a beautiful lady with a mysterious past, but during the wedding, the castle is stormed by the army of Danek (The
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Pocket Informant in Review – Efficient Productivity App?

I’ll first get into what got me looking for an app like Pocket Informant. At first I was thrilled to enter my appointments into the inbuilt Apple Calendar, and it worked alright, till my PC decided to quit syncing my calendar and contacts (old PC took far too long to back up my iPhone). A
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SplashMoney in Review – Money Well Spent?

After having tried Budget, iExpenseit and PocketMoney I figured that I needed a program that could show me where my money was going, keep track of accounts, allow for income entries, and properly support the yen. Other programs either didn’t support the yen at all, or they simply replaced the dollar sign with a yen
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