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Defender Chronicles Hands On Preview – A Breath of Fresh Air

This weekend I was given the opportunity to get my greedy little hands on Defender Chronicles by Gimka Entertainment, an app I’ve been looking forward to since I had my first glance at the gameplay video. In fact, when Louis emailed me asking if I’d like to write this piece for TMA I was excited,
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Eliss in Review – I’ll Squeesar You!

If I had two sum Eliss up in two words, I’d have to call it “Frustratingly Fun”. After the initial “sector” (or stage), the level of frustration raises exponentially, but Steph Thirion (developer of the game) has thrown in just enough easily conquered sectors in between to keep you from chucking your iDevice against the
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Flight Control in Review – Sitting in the Airport Just Got Interesting!

I had originally grabbed Flight Control on a whim, something about the simplistic art style and the 99 cent price tag flipped my impulse switch. Before I even recognized what I was doing, the game installed on my iPod. Going in I had no expectations for the game, hell I barely even knew what it
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