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Smack Me in Review – Simon Says Grab Me

When asked to do a review of Smack Me, based on the apps name my initial thought was, “I hope this isn’t one of those apps where some ladies breasts are wobbling around the screen!” Jumped into the App Store and was surprised to find the app icon had a picture of an 80’s style
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Circuit Defenders in Review – Anti-Virus With a Twist… or Tower

It’s practically a right of passage for anyone that has ever owned a computer (unless you’re so cool that you’ve only ever had a Mac). One day you start to notice that your computer is running a lot slower than it used to. No matter how few programs you’re running, or how much disk space
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New Kids on the Block? – Block Knights in Review

For the most part, developers are in constant search for that new idea that will separate their game from the mainstream. Whether it be new graphics or new gameplay, “new” is what usually translates into fresh, popular, and of course big dollars. But sometimes a little blast from the past is all a game needs
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Skybound in Review – Bouncing High into the Sky

Practically everyone’s watched a bouncing ball as it jumped horizontally across the floor before inevitably coming to a rolling stop. But what happens when you give that ball the chance to fly high above the tallest buildings, past the blue skies, and into space and beyond? Skybound gives you the opportunity to investigate the air
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Bang! in Review – Onomato-play-it-a-few-times-a

If you’re the type of gamer that just wants to jump into a game with no need for instruction, if you like no-strategy gameplay, if you like mindless button-mashing, if you like games that go on and on with no change and no real reward… Boy, do I have a game for you!
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Sportacular in Review : Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby!

Don’t be upset that the picture above isn’t of Mariah Carey. Some guys (or girls) relate the word “fantasy” with visions of scantily clad vixens, but when I think of the word, it’s usually “I wonder how I’m doing in my Fantasy (insert sport here) Pool!!!” Having Sportacular helps me answer that question right away.
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