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Ted Kao is the co-Founder and CEO of iCrowdApps. iCrowdApps is a iOS-focused application developer that crowdsources mobile app ideas from consumers. You can find me at www.icrowdapps.com/blog or via twitter @icrowdapps

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Camera+ in Review – Replacing your iPhone Camera App

Camera+ v2.0, released in December 2010, is the top selling iPhone photo app for a reason. Developer tap tap tap has built a fantastic app that is well designed with some easy to use workflow that enhances the user’s i-photography experience. The highest praise I can give Camera+ is that it has become my go
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Awesome Note (+Todo) for iPhone in Review – Awesomeness in a box

Awesome Note was released in September 2009 by mobile app developer BRID Works (if your playing at home, BRID stands for Brilliant Ideas). They compete in the very busy category of note taking apps but they do have a good one on their hands, as evidenced by its selection into Apple’s App Store Hall of Fame.
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Cozi Family Organizer in Review – Get “cozi” with your family

Cozi started out in 2005 as a really great website that helped families organize their day via online calendars, todo lists and other handy tools. They’ve now moved into the mobile app space and have released both a free and paid version.  The free app has ads and the premium version (no ads) currently sells for
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Dropbox is my friend

Dropbox is awesome.  Go and get it, especially if you work with teams that must share files on a regular basis. Our app development team works from Montana, Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Woodside, and Palo Alto on a day to day basis, so its critical that we have some way to share the work that we
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