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Ray Gans works as a Community Manager for an open source software vendor in the SF Bay Area and loves apps, wine & cheese and boardgames. He bought his first Mac in 1984 and has been one of the Apple faithful ever since. You can catch him on the TMA forums as Aeaea.

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Review: Transfer Pictures & Photos Wirelessly between iDevices – Redux

. Photo Sender MediaTransfer PhotoSync . A few months ago I reviewed three nice universal apps that streamline the transfer of photos between iDevices and your desktop (see TMA review). Since then I’ve kept my eyes open and found a few more which are also noteworthy. These are quite different apps from each other with
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Mr. Reader in Review – New Guy on the Block

The app store hosts many decent RSS news reader apps. None (to my knowledge) have dethroned Reeder (TMA review) as king of them all yet. Mr. Reader, however, showed up a couple months ago and it’s one of the first I’ve seen in a while to challenge the king.
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Library App Reviews: Goodreads, iBookshelf and Book Crawler

Goodreads iBookshelf Book Crawler . We all love books, right? If you’re like me, your reading list is long and getting longer every day. We’ll never finish them all, but heck, when someone recommends a book, we probably still want to jot it down for future reference. A good list can be a real blessing when
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2Screens in Review – Presentation Expert for iPad

For those of us in the business world, few things will raise eyebrows in wonder and envy more than plugging an iPad into an overhead projector during a meeting to show a PowerPoint presentation or render other media displayed on the screen. “Oh, anyone can do that on a laptop,” some will say. But it’s
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TechWire in Review – An App for your Tech Blog Addiction

I watch a lot of technical blogs to get different perspectives on interesting news and for the occasional gems I find there. I don’t have time, however, to read or even scan them all every day and sometimes won’t browse through some of them for weeks. They’re just handy to have around. The downside is
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Review: Transferring Pictures Wirelessly between iDevices

. Photo Transfer Pic Transfer WiFi Photo . We all know that you can transfer a picture or video between a Mac or PC with an iPhone or iPad by just plugging the device into iTunes and syncing. Other options are to do so using e-mail or even MMS. Oh… but that’s so 2007! Surely
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Nonograms in Review – A Puzzler for people who think they don’t have time for games

Many people say they don’t have time to play games. I can understand this because we all have so much on our plates that it’s hard to justify. What if, however, there was a puzzle game that didn’t take too long, was analytically challenging (but not overly formidable), didn’t require a 17 year old’s dexterity
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Taking Notes on an iPad: A Look at 20 Apps

I purchased my iPad in part to take notes at business meetings – at least that’s what I told myself when I plunked down the cash. The iPad comes with a note taking app (Notes) which like it’s cousin on the iPhone is woefully limited. Luckily there are many alternatives in the App Store (many
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Pulse News Reader Review: News for the Laid-Back

I can’t live without my news. But you know what? Not everyone is like me. In fact, some very well-adjusted people can be quite happy with a casual approach to newsfeeds and just subscribe to a handful of sources that interest them. Pulse News Reader and its iPhone cousin, Pulse News Mini were designed for
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Things and Things for iPad in Review – Task Management Maestros

Back in late 2007 I ran across a free public alpha of a Mac program called Things from a small German company called Cultured Code. People were raving about it because unlike most To-Do list productivity apps at the time, which were complex and tedious to use, Things was designed to provide an intuitive interface
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Reeder in Review – One Newsreader to Rule Them All

I don’t know if you are as addicted to news as I am, but if you have an iPad or iPhone and find yourself checking your RSS feeds several times a day – AND you’re not using Reeder to read these words, then stop right now, go buy Reeder (for iPhone) or Reeder for iPad (or
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Making the iPad “Buy” Decision [for Business]

Last January when the announcement of the iPad was a few days away, I told my wife, “I really need to have one!” And, like most practical wives who love their husbands but find themselves in situations where it somehow becomes their responsibility to say “OK,” she replied, “Why?”. My reply was an incredulous, “Well… I don’t
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