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Blazing fast chip powers iPhone 5 and iPad 2

Apple is pulling a fast one on us again. As if the current incarnations of the iPhone and the less than a year old iPad aren’t next generation enough, Apple recently announced that the next versions of these much sought after gizmos are going to be, yes, even better.
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White iPhone 4 available sooner than later?

It seems like the long wait for the much anticipated white iPhone 4 is finally over. Or is it? The online rumor mills certainly believe so. One of them, MacRumors recently reported that the immaculate-colored hardware is not included in the database of consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy. And they even have the screenshots to prove
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Asian Cooking for Dummies in Review – Dinner Is Served!

Being an Asian myself, I can say with a great deal of certainty that Asian dishes can more than hold their own with what the rest of the world can offer. There’s a reason why a good number of them are very popular in the world’s other six continents. And as I discovered with Asian
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