Since the launch of the app store, hundreds if not thousands of developers have submitted their apps to the App Store.  Ranging from useless apps such as “I am Rich”, to invaluable ones like BeeJiveIM to stay in touch, it is not always easy weeding out the good apps from the bad ones (as well as the great ones from the good ones).

Here at TouchMyApps, our goal is to help our readers decide whether or not an app is worth their time and money. We will review apps ranging from A – Z, and from Business to Weather.  We will continue to create a large database of reviews in all categories ,  giving our readers a wealth of info on iPhone apps.  Besides reviews, the site will be updated up to several times a day. TouchMyApps will bring our readers up-to-date news on all things iPhone and iPad, hands on look at apps, and tips and tricks that users may find helpful.

Review System

At TouchMyApps, we strive to deliver unbiased reviews of iPhone apps.  Our review system is so bold and revolutionary, it could very well change the way products and services are reviewed across the globe (note: TouchMyApps takes no responsibility for any economic turmoil and/or other natural or supernatural calamities in the Reviews and Publications sector should this really occur)

For game reviews, one of the most important areas to be given consideration is gameplay. At it’s core, gameplay defines the interaction between player and game. Good gameplay immerses a player with the game and this interaction is seamless. A game can have the best graphics in the world, but without the gameplay, it would be like going on a hot date with your dream babe and not being able to get to first base.

Other categories that will help determine a rating in a game would be:

  • Graphics – are they well done that it adds value and enjoyability to the game or would you rather stare at the wall?
  • Design – do the levels and overall design feel like they were done by someone who put loads of effect into it or did it seem like 100 monkeys designed the game?
  • Replay Value – does the game make you want to come back for more or is it like a bad date, where you say “wham bam thank you ma’am”
  • Sound – do the sound effects and music work well with the theme of the game and is it well done?

What about for non-game apps? What factors do we look at? The one big question we will be asking ourselves is, “Does this app do what the developers intended for it to do and does it do it well?” A weather app that doesn’t tell weather correctly isn’t going to help a user very much. Other areas of concern will be:

  • Features – does the app offer the user a multitude of options, thus adding value to the product?
  • Interface – more than just looks and aesthetics. Is the app user-friendly and easy to navigate around?
  • Value – considering all things, is the app worth the money?

Without further ado, we give you our rating system.

An app so poorly done you would have thought the developer(s) hired underaged children from some Third World country to work for them. All the basic ingredients that make a good app are missing. Nothing good can be said about the app and there is no hope on the horizon. It should be treated like a virus residing in your iPhone/iPod Touch and purged of without delay.

While not as unforgiving as the “Wipe” category, this is an app that brought a butter knife to a gun fight. Glimpses of potential are shown throughout the user experience, but not nearly enough to really warrant an icon space for it on the iPhone. Borderline frustration caused by the overall poor design of the app. Caveat emptor.

Like any Honda Civic, this is a solid but not flashy kind of app. Many aspects of this app are done at an average or slightly above average level. It just doesn’t do any one thing so well that it stands above the crowd. An app that can certainly do the job, though it is missing bells and whistles that could enhance the overall value of the product.

With a “Grab this app” rating, the app shows considerable amount of promise and high quality work. It misses the golden mark due to the absence of certain features or nagging issues that prevent the app from rising to the top. Overall, this is an app that has nothing to be ashamed about and delivers a quality experience for the most part.

Yes, you want to kiss these apps. It’s that good. Like Yao Ming hanging out with midgets, this app stands above the crowd. User experience is intensified due to impeccable design, features, gameplay, value, interface and the whole nine yards. This app is a must have, especially for those who enjoy the particular genre. They say nothing is ever perfect. Well, this is as close as it gets.