Better than iPad: LG’s amazing tablet computer will be

a leaked picture of LG's amazing iPad killer

If anyone – anyone at all – can better Apple at building devices that people want to use, it is LG, the South Korean electronics giant, who more and more, prove themselves up to the task. LG are innovative. They are full of clever designers. When I sat with them in an informal Q&A last year about upcoming iPhone-killer smart phones, it was obvious they ‘got it’. The problem I see with the iPad is that it is just so ungraceful; you can’t type on it, you can’t create on it – you can’t do aught but consume media. That is the iPad’s problem. Android will fix all that and LG will magically wave the form factor away. Combined with Android’s wealth of productivity , its smooth, fragmentation-free hardware glut, and its simplicity will show Apple who is boss – that is, if LG can help them out.

If you’ve ever owned an LG phone, or read through an LG manual; if you’ve enjoyed their incredible style and poise in the marketplace, you know what I’m talking about. LG, if anyone can better than iPad, it is you, the Yoda of electronics.

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Four Top Tips for Buying a New Tablet


Whether you’re upgrading from a first generation tablet computer, or are considering entering the market for the first time it’s fair to say that there’s a lot to learn. The market for tablet computers has been growing at a steady pace since the release of the first iPad and the consumer now faces a plethora of choices. For each user, there is a solution out there waiting to be found. Here, we take a look at a few steps which can help you on your way to buying the right tablet for you.

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WaterField Designs Offers Custom Ultimate SleeveCase for Any Tablet

San Francisco, California – With shipment of Lenovo’s new ThinkPad Tablet imminent and with tablet devices now mainstream, finding a snug case for a non-Apple device can be a challenge. WaterField Designs announces the Ultimate SleeveCase(TM) for the most popular tablet models as well as custom cases for any other tablet device (to within one-quarter inch) via special order. WaterField Designs – a San Francisco boutique designer of custom laptop sleeves and digital gear cases – believes cases should have a snug fit for optimal protection and wear. Continue reading…

ViewSonic’s Android tablet to double up on the iPad

With year-end holidays approaching, it is high time Apple’s competitors to finally hit the copy button. ViewSonic have a nice looking, ‘seen it before’ tablet coming… sometime soon. It will sport Android (or Windows), expandable memory, dual cameras and a USB port. In other words, it is the same exact same thing you’ll get from LG, HP, from Dell, from Toshiba, and myriad other manufacturers. Expect this copy-cat solution to be fun for a good old-fashioned Apple haters, but worthless on its own merits.

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iSlate – Apple’s Tablet rubbing off around the net

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It looks like Apple’s long, long, long-rumoured tablet computing device may have a name: iSlate. MacRumors report that Apple have held the name since 2007 when they purchased the domain name. Heading to the site now, doesn’t reveal much, but with Apple’s preference for secrecy, it is no surprise. Apple’s 26 January event — which just happens to be Apple’s _magical  Tuesday_ —  will cause me to fold my pessimistic hand. There will be a new touch-device unveiled in January. Whether a reader or a tablet, something is coming and it looks exciting to say the least.

Apple Tablet – January or bust

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In preparing a great title for this short article, I chewed through about 10 trees worth of paper. Nothing seemed to fit and I tossed the dried carcasses into a throwaway plastic basket. You see, the Apple Tablet has been rumoured ever since the Newton made the mistake of hyping itself in a Steven Seagal movie. Well, rumours are coming to another head just ahead of the WWDC, CES, and about every other big meeting capitalised by thousands of geeks.

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Updated: Apple’s Store is down – Snow Leopard? iPod touch? tablet? Answer: Snow Leopard


Always happy news

It is Monday, not the strangest day for a release from Apple, but certainlky no Tuesday. In any case, the Store is down which can mean only one thing: a release. Whether it is Snow Leopard, an iPod touch, or something even less expected but more widelly rumoured — something perhaps like the Spanish Inquisition — no one is certain of which, but look for great things today.

Apple have updated the store to read that Snow Leopard will ship on 28 August (This Friday). I’ll be ordering my copy very soon. Again, Snow Leopard will be 29$ (USD) and invariably hiked at your non-US locale. About Snow Leopard.

Apple’s PR statement about Snow Leopard.

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The Apple Tablet – Verizon Contract only? 3G Radio? Brand New Interface?

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In the latest development surrounding the mysterious Apple Tablet/netbook, the unit is purported to be tied to a Verizon contract. The purveyor of this rumour is none other than Scott Moritz, the man who correctly sussed out AT&T’s subsidised iPhone pricing which would later see the handset drop to 199$ in the USA. In Canada, we know contracts; we know that a softer monetary at point-of-sale means the sting of 3 years’ worth of expensive bills. What is the good of this rumour? Basically, it is another hint that the device will house a 3G radio.

Looking a little deeper, Apple have a few charmed patents under their sleeve that may be able to less the sting of a contract.

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