NimbleBit’s Classic Apps and Free-fallin’ freebies


NimbleBit, the famed makers of Scoops, Sky Burger, and Textropolis, have spent their recent weeks in wise customer study; today, they announced a great new website where users can check out the most storied App Store apps to date. But, that isn’t the only news out of their studio: their five featured paid apps have flown free for one day only. Get them below:

NimbleBit, Scoops, FREE today, 3.1 MB — TMA Review
Scoops - Ice Cream Fun For Everyone

NimbleBit, Sky Burger, FREE today, 4.3 MB — TMA Review
Sky Burger

NimbleBit, Textropolis, FREE Today, 1.3 MB — TMA Review

NimbleBit, Hanoi Plus, FREE Today, 0.9 MB
Hanoi Plus

NimbleBit, Moon Drop, FREE Today, 2.2 MB — TMA Review
Moon Drop

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Disco Zoo in Review – Zoo Management To A Funky Beat


There have been a decent number of zoo simulation games on the App Store, but they usually feel like a city builder with animals.  Disco Zoo offers a completely different experience as your focus is on acquiring the animals and you don’t have to worry about building extraneous structures or training critters to do anything.  It’s a freemium game, and I could see how one could easily get caught up in it and sink a bunch of money into buying coins or disco bux, but so far I’ve managed to put quite a bit of time into it without emptying my wallet.  This well balanced game play is actually making me want to give them some of my cash. Continue reading…

10 App Store Games To Watch [February 24 – March 2]


Is it over yet?  I hate to keep harping on this Flappy Bird fad, but all the annoying clones make it really hard for me to find new quality games.  Anyway, Chillingo’s release for the week was a Duck Hunt style game call Duck Destroyer, which at first begged the question “why?” in my mind.  Once I played it, however, I realized it was one of the best of the genre that I’ve played on my iOS devices so far.  If you like simple card games but don’t want to admit to playing solitaire, 9-line is a great alternative.  It’s easy to learn, supports both single and multiplayer modes, and even throws a little strategy in to boot.  For the budding zoologists in the crowd Nimble Bit offers Disco Zoo.  Unlike most zoo simulators I actually enjoyed this one for more than 5 minutes, in large part due to the fact that you actually have to find the animals that you’ll place in your zoo.
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10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 17 – 23]


I’m really impressed with how many weeks in a row there has been a strong selection of games to choose from.  Strategy buffs should check out Rivals for Catan, a port of a card game that is based off of a board game that has also been ported to the iOS platform.  You construct cities, build transports and in true strategy fashion try and take over the world.  If you prefer a little Pokemon style action then Monsters Invade: Oz might suit your needs.  This game has colorful hand drawn visuals, plenty of quests to complete and 100 monsters to collect and train.
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10 New App Store Games To Watch [March 25 – 31]


As always I’ve tried to bring you a diverse list of games this week, though looking back through the titles it seems a decent portion of them have some sort of RPG elements in them.  For those looking for a basic brawler with some attitude, you might give WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse a try.  The premise is silly and the dialog does get repetitive before long, but the fact that the game doesn’t take itself seriously actually makes it palatable to play.  If you prefer your action with a little more of a western tilt then Gamevil has Lost Memory for your perusal.  The game offers both sword slashing and gun slinging combat action, as well as a “am I the good guy or bad guy” storyline.  Maybe you want your combat to be a little more tribal instead?  Tribe Survival is an interesting alternative that’s not quite like anything else I’ve played on the App Store.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 11 – 17]

There were some rather interesting titles this week, but in the end cuteness prevailed. If you like matching games (and who doesn’t), Piston Games released Gemibears. Instead of simply matching objects of the same type you have to match halves of bears to form a whole of the same color. And when you want to take a break from playing the game you can visit their Youtube channel for some Gemibears cartoons. For those that prefer some good old fashioned platform gaming there’s Mike & Milkbox, the story of a detective chicken that must save the world. The mechanics are a lot like Super Mario, but the physics elements give it a fresh feel. Finally, I actually found an online game I might spend some time with. It’s called Throw It, and the basic premise is simple: you chuck objects at your opponent. The concept and graphics are cute, and I can play against other humans without having to actually be social.
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10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 20 – 26]

This week saw some old friends make the leap to new devices, as well as a couple of interesting looking retro games and another outing from a certain furry blue mascot.  Board game lovers and simple strategists might want to check out the official Battleship for iPad, which finally docked on the big iOS screen.  For those still craving the racing antics of a certain Italian plumber there’s Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing, a wacky game that might just fill your void.  Retro gamers can either get their 3D on with the unique platform style of 1-bit Ninja, or kick it real old school with P1XL Party, a set of mini games that look just like they jumped off of a pamphlet for the Commodore 64.

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Freebies Roundup: Push Panic and more Free for Limited Time

You ever fire up a game on your iPhone and are (pleasantly) surprised at how much fun it really is? Well Push Panic, now Free Today, was one of those games for me when it first released several months back. Its vibrant Retina graphics, simple yet addictive gameplay and multiple game modes brings a whole new dimension to “tapping” games on the iOS. Your goal is to chain (by tapping) together as many blocks of the same color as possible and eliminate them from the screen before all the blocks overflow beyond the panic bar above. The more you play, the more you realize the various strategies required for each level. Simple put, this is one fantastic Freebie you don’t want to miss.

As usual, more paid–>free apps can be found within. Do hurry though, as they won’t last for very long!

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Freebies Roundup: ReaddleDocs and More now Free for limited time

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 3

ReaddleDocs, easily one of the best and most complete document reader/file managers for the iPhone and iPod Touch (see our iPad review), is now free for the weekend. Aside from the robust PDF reader that supports full text search and text reflow, this all-in-one wonder can also:

  • Copy files From Mac or PC via Wi-Fi
  • Read Office Documents
  • Save Email Attachments
  • Share Files With Your Friends
  • Read Books On The Go
  • Transfer files to iPhone with or without Wi-Fi
  • Save Documents From the Web
  • Access iDisk, Dropbox, GoogleDocs And Other Storages

Previously at $4.99, ReaddleDocs will allow you to manage your numerous files within one app, making it a central hub for all your data – be it on the actual iDevice or remote PC/Mac. Aside from this awesome freebie, we’ve also rounded up a good number of apps/games that has recently gone from paid–>free. Be check to check out the entire list after the break!

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [Sep 13 – 19]

I think the talk of the town this past week was Pocket Frogs, a game that’s probably making its developer more money via in-app purchases (IAP) than most games make through a simple up front price tag.  Apparently the concept of breeding frogs electronically is a lot more appealing than I would have expected.  If you’d like something a little more action oriented Namco certainly delivers with the sequel to its popular rails shooter, Time Crisis 2nd Strike.  On the other hand, if your tastes are more cerebral than you might want to check out the puzzle game Beyond Ynth, the story of a bug on a mission.  And for those that are still hoping your iDevice will turn into a PC some day there’s EA’s latest installment of their popular Sims franchise, Sims 3 Ambitions.

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