McGraw-Hill all over iTablet, iSlate, iPad… whatever

NBC and McGraw have officially entered the fray: yesterday, the two met on the tube (no, not that one) to discuss nothing less than Apple’s new mobile platform. Rumouring has been stuffy in the last half decade surrounding what very well may debut today, and Terry McGraw, president of McGraw-Hill, elucidated the growing speculation that the iWhatever will run on iPhone OS and have ties with book publishers. 95% of McGraw-Hill’s content is available in some sort of eBook format. The platform should expand to include professional and higher educational materials and we can only speculate on subscription services.

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Come see our latest creation… iTablet, iSlate? iPhone 4G?

The amount of rumours, having circulated around the iTablet in general and the possible upcoming event at the end of January in particular has probably been second to none. Some of bloggers out there have taken a tally and counted up to 70 news pieces on the Saturday following Christmas alone. And all of this without any confirmations from the big A themselves.

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iSlate Apple event 27 January – Come see our latest creation

When I gets excited, I drop me grammar. Apple ain’t only gonna put up a new event, they is definitely debuting something. I reckon the ‘come see our latest creation’ ain’t just a new MacBook – though with my bloody breaking MBP, that would be nice – it will prolly be something ever more sexy. Think iSlate. Ain’t nothing confirmed yet, but the web’s knickers are all bunched up about the same thing: Apple’s iSlate tablet computer.

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iSlate – Apple’s Tablet rubbing off around the net

Thanks Computerworld Blog

It looks like Apple’s long, long, long-rumoured tablet computing device may have a name: iSlate. MacRumors report that Apple have held the name since 2007 when they purchased the domain name. Heading to the site now, doesn’t reveal much, but with Apple’s preference for secrecy, it is no surprise. Apple’s 26 January event — which just happens to be Apple’s _magical  Tuesday_ —  will cause me to fold my pessimistic hand. There will be a new touch-device unveiled in January. Whether a reader or a tablet, something is coming and it looks exciting to say the least.

ArtStudio in Review – the glass canvas

Yeah, I is an artist (had help though)

You know, when Steve Sprang demoed the iPad version of Brushes at Apple’s Jan 27 event, I swallowed a filthy lot of inundating and excited ohmygawdthatsgreat saliva. All that screen real estate. All that room for erasing mistakes. But brushes is simple, meant for attacking a little creativity. Lucky Clan’s ArtStudio sends in the calvary to strike more advanced enemies: transparencies, layers, and needem’ filters. In many ways, it is the best drawing app for the 3,5 inch screen. Feel free to discuss this review of ArtStudio in our forums.

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Apple iPad – Coming for the lost

The development community have wrapped 140 000 apps under their collective belt; Apple have seen 3 billion apps downloaded from the App store; and the hitherto iconic iPod is fading into Apple’s focal background even as it surpasses an impressive number of its own: 250 million units sold. Steve Jobs and Apple haven’t made any promises – the iPad isn’t even at market yet. But it has pulled at myriad heartstrings: it has grabbed the spotlight. But why is it important and is it worthwhile to buy, and if so, who will benefit from it?

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Apple’s ‘Come see our latest creation’ Event

I assume that most of you will not be at Apple’s “Come see our latest creation” event in San Fran @ 10 AM PST (1PM EST) – neither will we. But, we will be here to greedily discuss new items, apologise for the reality, and sympathise with those who want just ‘one more thing’ after the show.

Remember that the event most likely includes the unveiling of the following:

Keep an eye here for TMA’s take of the event, but if you want to enjoy an up-to-the-minute show check out AppleInsider’s live coverage of the event.

Apple’s “Latest Creation” Event Coverage by AppleInsider