ChiffaN’s Rants – Advertisments in paid apps – a new trend in combating piracy or an outrageous money-hogging scam?

chiffans-rants-ads-in-paid-games, the developer of the new game iTankster, have shocked the iDevice community by being the first company to place advertisements inside a paid app (which you can see above). argue that it is due to “our discovery of rampant piracy during the development process”. But is in-game advertising really a way out?

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ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month (February 2010) – Spring is here and I’m dishing out a $10 iTunes Gift Card again!

Well, spring is here and it’s finally getting warmer. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and it’s time to wrap up the comments for the month for February. This month has been kind of slow on the comments part, maybe due to the enormous amount of activity happening on our recently opened forums.

You can find the winner of this month’s contest along with the recap of rules after the gap. And people, I encourage you to comment more and more! The amount of digging I had to do to find a suitable comment this month appalled me! Anyway, here we go!

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ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month (January 2010) – Yes, it’s that time of the month again when I’m giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card!

Hey there, TMA fans! It’s the end of January and you know what this means? This means it’s time to announce the winner of ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month contest! Boy, how time flies! It seems only yesterday I sent out the Gift Card for the first contest.

This has been quite a thrilling month for all of us. With such major titles arriving on the store like GTA Chinatown Wars and Broken Sword Director’s Cut the Apple iPad went almost unnoticed. Yeah, right! I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to save up already!

But enough chit-chat! It’s time to announce the winner of my one-and-only Comment of the Month contest for January 2010 and reward him with a $10 iTunes Gift Card.

The winner of the contest and a recap of the rules after the gap. And remember – TMA is the only place where you are rewarded for being honest and forthright.

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Contest: Tell ChiffaN and TMA the truth to win a $15 iTunes giftcard! (Closed)

Hey there, TMA fans! I’m in a good and generous mood today following my birthday celebration over the weekend! And to share this mood with all of you dear readers, I’m going to give out a $15 US Gift Card. But you are going to have work for it. Well, a little bit.

I’ve been with TMA for a just about 5 months now and hope you’ve been enjoying my work. And I’m commited to making it even better. So in this regard, one of the things I’m going to expect from you is to leave a comment on this post describing what you like at TMA… AND what you feel we could build on. Feel free to be frank in relating TMA’s cons in relation to other iDevice websites. I want to point out that the latter part is an ABSOLUTE must.

The other thing I would like – is that  you spread the word about this contest as far and wide as possible using the best time sucker available now – Twitter.

A complete recap of the rules and the Twitter message to tweet following after the gap.

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ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month – Good deeds shall not go unpunished by a $10 iTunes Gift Card

Here at TouchMyApps we are committed to not only bring the latest and best news, reviews tips and tricks on all things iPhone and iPod Touch, but also to build a community of likewise minded people. To this extent we will soon put into place the TMA forums.

Meanwhile, we also very much appreciate your comments on our work, that can be left using the easy-to-use “comments” feature available at the bottom of each of our article pages – whether it’s news, reviews, best-of or any other. And one such recent comments made me decide that we should show our appreciation in a more monetary way.

To this extent I announce that starting this moment I am initiating my own ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month contest. Each month I am going to select the best comment on one of MY pieces and reward it with a $10 iTunes Gift Card. Yes, I HAVE gone bonkers, cause I’m spending quite a substantial part of my own paycheque on it (unfortunately writing DOESN’T pay – at least until you readers make us one the top sites out there). Anyway, I must point out that I will pay special attention to the comments to my column pieces (The JBnator Diaries, iTête à iTête, ChiffaN’s Rants), though comments to my news and reviews may be rewarded as well if they will be found worthy.

The winner and inspirer of the contest for December 2009 can be found after the gap as well as a recap of the rules.

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