Reiner Knizia’s Yoku-Gami for iOS – Numbers Game by Legendary Designer

Varazdin, Croatia – Meritum Soft today is pleased to introduce Reiner Knizia’s Yoku-Gami 1.1 for iOS, their new puzzle game where players select combinations of adjacent numbers in a 6 x 6 grid. The goal is to highlight two or more numbers such that the highest number in the group equals the sum total of all the other numbers. For example, in the group (1, 3, 5, 1) the sum of 1+3+1=5. Highlighting all four numbers, which are adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically, completes a successful turn and clears the numbers from the grid. Points are scored depending on the greatest number in the group, and how many numbers are included in the group. Created by legendary game designer Dr. Reiner Knizia, author of more than 500 games including Lord of the Rings, Ingenious, and Monumental, Yoku-Gami offers three different playing modes and countless hours of entertaining and challenging gameplay. Continue reading…

Reiner Knizia’s Samurai in Review – strategy gaming perfection

Splashing your name across a game’s title is a rarely defensible act of hubris. If the game rocks, you’ve got a plate full of whuffie to eat. But if it sucks rocks, you’ll be fed rotten tomatoes from angry critics. Sid Meier’s CIVILIZATION (and Civilization Revolution) is perhaps the best example of defensible hubris, and Reiner Knizia’s SAMURAI, while loads simpler in scope than Civilization, is another high flying strategy game worthy of pawn-pushing iDevice strategy fans. Of course, as one of Reiner Knizia’s genius games, Samurai’s biggest selling point is its point of hubris.

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10 App Store Games To Watch [3/15/16]


Spring is in the air, more or less.  Thankfully, better weather doesn’t deter me from playing games.  After all, even on the nicest days it gets dark at some point.  This roundup features a couple of interesting hybrid games, as well as an interesting take on a style of RPG I’m not normally fond of.  Puzzle Siege is a tower siege game that uses an odd combination of 2048 and collapsing bricks for its puzzle mechanic.  Throw in the ability to level up your units and you have an extremely interesting mash-up that actually works quite well.  Dungeon Monsters RPG is a menu driven RPG, which usually tends to bore me before too long.  With the addition of 3D dungeon maps to explore, however, Dungeon Monsters RPG transcends the trappings of its peers and manages to hold my interest.  Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG is a mash-up of, well, take a guess.  While the CCG part of the mix sometimes feels gimmicky, when you tack on the overhead map that you can explore it adds enough variety to the game to make it a fresh tower defense experience.
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iOS Deals of the Day – Snapseed, The Sims Medieval, Worm vs Birds and more

The award winning photo editing app Snapseed now Free

Looking for the latest app sales and deals for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad? Here’s our roundup today for the most recent freebies and price drops that are worth checking out. As always, they’re only good for a very limited time.

And if you missed our iOS Deals of the Day post yesterday, be sure to check it out as most of those price drops are still in effect.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [October 15 – 21]

The big news of the week is the fact that Square Enix released an iOS game that I actually liked!  Ironically I’m not even a big fan of rhythm games as a whole, but there’s something about Symphonica that really strikes a chord with me.  If infinite runners are more your style, there are actually a couple good ones to choose from.  Save Them All from Chillingo challenges you to outrace mutants, aliens and more while rescuing as many innocents as you can until the end of each real world day, at which point the leaderboards are reset.  For something a little less apocalyptic there’s Aloha from Hawaii, a runner about four penguins that just want to see what it’s like someplace warmer than the South Pole.  And if you just want something involving lots of pure carnage there’s Carmageddon, the port of a 1997 game where you fare better by running over cows and pedestrians than actually completing the races.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [September 24 – 30]

Well I suppose there might be one or two of you yet that haven’t heard about Bad Piggies, the latest release from the renowned developers of Angry Birds.  It takes place in the Angry Birds universe, but this time around you get to play the pigs and the game play is completely different, so I give them a thumbs up for that.  While I haven’t personally tried the game yet, the one I have managed to get myself hooked on is King Oddball from 10 Tons Studios.  If you consider yourself any sort of physics game fan you’ll need to give this one a try.  If you prefer a more traditional adventure game then The Last Express will be right up your alley.  This iOS port of an acclaimed classic will give you more than 20 hours of play, 30 characters to meet and the ability to rewind the action when you want to try a different course.

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10 New App Store Games To Watch [Aug. 6 – 12]


As always there were some fairly interesting games this week, but in particular a couple brought a twisted sense of nostalgia to my heart.  Activision released a re-imagining of their classic hit Pitfall to coincide with its 30th anniversary, and instead of going a more traditional platform route they chose to emulate the Temple Run formula.  The thing is, from the few moments I’ve had a chance to play so far, they might have actually done it better.  On the flip side of things is Organ Trail: Director’s Cut.  Rather than a simple retooling of the original Oregon Trail, this version takes the same basic game play and swaps out the pioneers setting for a station wagon and some undead adversaries.  Not to be left out of the “what’s old is new” jumble, Elevate Entertainment has published their take on the much abused brick breaking genre.  For Draw Breaker, however, instead of moving a paddle around you just draw one in where you want it, which adds a whole other dimension to the game.

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10 New App Store Games to Watch [July 23 – 29]

Gamers that remember the “good old days” have a lot to check out this week.  Blazing Star blasts onto the iOS from SNK Playmore, and faithfully recreates some side scrolling shooter memories from the Neo Geo era.  If you’re more into stealth and sabotage you might like Spy vs Spy, the reboot of the old Commodore 64 / Atari computer game that pits two bumbling agents against each other to see who can recover the top secret briefcase first.  Play the updated version, or switch to the pixel perfect retro mode for lots of nostalgia.  And, while it’s not really a remake or reboot or anything, Giant Monsters Ate My City might just remind you why you used to love the wanton destruction you could cause in the old favorite Rampage.

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iOS Deals of the Day – June 14th

Flight Control Rocket now free for limited time

Looking for the latest app sales and deals for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad? Here’s our roundup today for the most recent freebies and price drops that are worth checking out (a number of great ones including SPY mouse, Lock ‘n’ Load and more). As always, they’re only good for a very limited time.

And don’t forget to check out our previous Deals of the Day post for more freebies and price drops.

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