News: Adventure Game Veritas Released from Glitch Games


In a time when adventure games have become increasingly linked to hidden object or escape room games, it’s nice to have a company like Glitch Games around that truly understands what the heart of an adventure game is.  I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of many of their beta programs, and I know first hand that they put a lot of effort into crafting each adventure into its own unique world.  Veritas is no exception to that rule.  If you’re already a fan than I’m sure you’re knee deep in discovering the secrets of Veritas Industries, but if you’re new to Glitch Games then this is as good a place to start as any.  Can you figure out why you’ve woken up in a small room in a complex that seems to have been abandoned?

The game is full of challenging puzzles, both inventory based and in the form of mini games.  What you won’t find here are any hidden object screens.  While it may not always make sense to you, there’s a reason for everything and everything has its place.  Also, you’ll get to experience Glitch Games’ patented (or should be if it isn’t) Glitch Camera, which allows you to take pictures of every scene and then take notes on top of those pictures.  Better yet, you can overlay those pictures on top of other scenes for the ultimate in first hand note usage.  Where were these guys when I was playing adventure games as a kid?

Veritas is now available for iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Amazon.  Direct iOS and Android links are below, and you can hit up their web page for the rest.

Veritas Glitch Games, Veritas – $4.99
Veritas on Google Play
Veritas Home Page

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