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Angry Birds – A 10 Year Retrospective

Beyond The Games


Apparently these days you haven’t really hit it big as an IP until you’ve crossed over to a different medium, and Angry Birds can certainly check that box.  Throw on your pajamas and cuddle with your Angry Birds plush while you fall asleep on your Angry Birds sheets?  They’ve got you covered.  Toss on a t-shirt and sling a backpack over your shoulder to show the kids a school what a cool Angry Bird you are?  You bet.  There are action figures, beach towels and even underwear if you really want to get personal with the grumpy foul.

And of course there’s the animation.  You can buy several seasons of both Angry Birds Toons and Piggy Tales on DVD, and there are also two feature length films.  I don’t recall the first one all that well, suffice it to say that it wasn’t a bad film given the source material didn’t really lend itself to such a thing in the first place (here’s looking at you, Sonic).  The kids – and by that, I mean people old enough to not be watching animated movies – just watched the second one not too long ago, and honestly it was pretty funny.  Sure the jokes were often juvenile in nature, but sometimes you need a few jokes that you don’t actually have to think about.


There are even board and card games, which I find somewhat humorous.  When video games become ultra-popular they turn them into board games, and when board games become ultra-popular they turn them into video games.  Go figure.  We have the card game, and it is pretty fun up until the point where you have to flick kick the die into the pig king to defeat him.  Not only are my talents not up to par in that regards, but it kind of hurts the fingers after a while.

Final Thoughts

I think it is fair to say that the Angry Birds franchise isn’t losing any steam.  I’d imagine that we’re in for at least one more movie at some point, because Hollywood loves doing things in threes.  There will be more games, including maybe an Angry Birds 3 at some point.  And there will definitely be more merchandise, because why cut off a good thing that benefits both the IP and the millions of adoring fans?  Whatever happens in the end, writing this retrospective has actually grown my appreciation for the IP, and hopefully it’s given you a quick window into what Angry Birds has to offer.

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