Quick Look – Pixel Santa for Android


The holiday season is upon us, and just like every year many developers are adding Christmas-based content to their existing games or simply making new games that embody Christmas cheer.  Or in this case, showcase the dangers of sliding down a hill full of trees.  Pixel Santa is a simple game where you guide a pixelized Santa (spoiler alert!), or one of a few other characters that you can unlock by collecting presents, down a snow covered hill.  You just tap the screen to change directions, and try to avoid the increasingly dense clusters of trees that show up the further you travel down the seemingly endless slope.  There is a leaderboard ranked by the points you accumulate as a combination of grabbing presents and simply staying alive, but there are no achievements and other than aesthetics the unlockable characters don’t add anything to the game.  Still, for short bursts of time it is enjoyable enough to play and it is definitely one-hand friendly if that’s an important feature for you.  Plus, despite little spurts of blood when you ram into a tree the game is kid appropriate, and the lack of IAP means you won’t have to worry about spurious charges showing up on your credit card.  The chip-tune version of Jingle Bells is catchy, too.

Verdict: Play
Pixel Santa on Google Play

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