Quest In The Warhammer World For Free


Just as the world of Warhammer is vast and varied, so too are the selection of games based off of it.  This bit of news focuses on Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times, specifically the iOS version.  The game is currently free on the App Store, and from the little bit of time I’ve had the opportunity to play it, I’d say it’s definitely worth the asking price even without this reduction.  The game is a turn based strategy RPG, so it mixes genres I like with a tempo I can handle.  The game looks great, and there is plenty of game play to get wrapped up in.  And if it wasn’t enough that they were giving this gem away for a week, they even added a new character called the Grave Guard, pictured at the beginning of this announcement.  If you haven’t already embarked on this quest, now is the right time to do it.  Grab it quick, though, as the sale ends on July 25th (yeah, sorry for coming late to the party).

Warhammer Quest 2 Perchang, Warhammer Quest 2 – Free

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