Quick Look – Fireworks Finger Fun Free for Android


Just in time for the week long celebration of drinking, grilling out and legally exploding things we get Fireworks Finger Fun.  Basically the game is Fruit Ninja with a Fourth of July theme, so instead of dismantling various members of a food group you’ll be setting off pretty fireworks with the swipe of your finger.  And on the off chance you’re not familiar with Fruit Ninja, the idea is that objects come flying across the screen – in the case of this game fireworks – and you slash over them with your finger to get rid of them.  This game also has the infamous bomb (or lighted barrel, as it were) that instantly ends the game, and you are finished if three fireworks fall off the bottom of the screen without being swiped.  Unfortunately, unlike Fruit Ninja there is only one game play mode and there does not appear to be any power ups.  I know the game is free, and so far I haven’t been inundated with ads, but it still seems like a bit more substance would be nice.  The visuals are decent but look like they came from a starter graphics pack, and while I love the National Anthem, the developer chose a safe, traditional version of the song to stick in the background.  I love the patriotism at display here, but honestly you could get the same effect by running a Fourth of July screen saver on a computer in the background and playing Fruit Ninja on your device, and the actual gaming experience would be much more compelling.  Applause for the effort, but I just can’t recommend this one.

Verdict: Pass
Fireworks Finger Fun Free on Android

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