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To this day, Into The Dead is still one of the best zombie infinite runners on the App Store.  It had a “The Walking Dead” vibe to it, with plenty of atmosphere and visual panache to keep you perfectly on edge.  There were multiple game modes, lots of things to unlock and companions to ease some of your undead disposal burden.  While it’s just as entertaining now as when it was first released, PikPok has finally graced us with the one thing we’ve been missing – an actual sequel.  Later this week PikPok will be releasing Into The Dead 2, and the only thing stopping me from begging them for a pre-release copy is the fact that I don’t currently own a device capable of running the game.

From the sounds of it, Into The Dead 2 takes everything that was great about its predecessor and simply ups the ante a few levels.  Rather than simply running until you can’t run any more, Into The Dead 2 is divided into several chapters and stages, all tied together with a dynamic storyline that offers multiple endings.  You’ll still have plenty of weapons to collect and canine companions to come to your aid, but you’ll also be able to employ various combat tactics partially based on the different locations you get to explore.  Based on the available screen shots and teaser trailer it appears that the environments are a combination of old favorites and some brand new locales, and they all look pretty awesome.

Despite the overabundance of zombie slaying games on the App Store there’s always room for another good one as far as I’m concerned, and if early information is any indication, I have a feeling that Into The Dead 2 will be at the top of the list for this year.

Official Into The Dead 2 Page

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