60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure coming September 22nd


If nothing else, Mad Max showed us that a post-apocalyptic future can be really bad.  Apparently, the folks over at Robot Gentlemen decided to toy with the idea that even a grim future – which just happens to take place in the 1950’s – can be sprinkled with humor.  If Home Improvement took place in a Fallout type atmosphere, that might give you some idea of what to expect from 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure.  After receiving much acclaim for the PC version of their game, Polish developer Robot Gentlemen decide to bring their sarcastic survival adventure game over to the iOS platform in all of its 50’s PSA inspired glory.

You start out trying to gather up as many supplies as you can in 60 seconds before heading down to your fallout shelter, and as the movie trailer voiceover reminds you, don’t forget to take your family as well.  From there it seems to take an Oregon Trail approach where you are constantly presented with “opportunities” that could drastically change the dynamic of your little “home underneath a home”.  Ultimately it boils down to who wants to live more: you, the soul-less raiding parties or the mutant cockroaches.  I’ll provide you with a better synopsis of the game once it releases on iOS around September 22, but in the mean time check out this inspirational trailer:


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