Progress To 100 in Review – Puzzle Game or Mini-Games… You Decide


Ultimately my goal is to find gaming experiences for my iPad that are entertaining.  Ideally, however, it would be nice if some of the games brought something new to the table.  That’s where Progress To 100 comes in.  Imagine taking a snarky GPS and crossing it with a “think outside the box” puzzle game, and the result would be this game.  There are literally 100 different screens (hence the name), and each one requires you to solve a different puzzle.  Most of the screens present you with some text that you have to decipher to figure out what to do on that screen.  For example, one screen might say “high five”… okay, one screen DOES say that… and you have to figure out what action is necessary to move on.  I’m trying not to give away any details, because the whole fun of this game is discovery, but I’m impressed with the variety of ways that Progress uses the features of your device.  My only real frustration was that there were a few times that I passed a screen but really had no idea why I actually passed the screen.


The control obviously varies depending on the puzzle you’re trying to solve, and for the reason mentioned above I won’t get into specifics.  There’s minimal interface, but what’s there is clean and easy to use.  For that matter, the visuals as a whole are pretty sparse.  There are a couple of screens that use more than text or a simple background transition, but the minimal nature is part of the game’s charm.  The sound effects really compliment the puzzles, and the voice actress does an excellent job, though I’m a bit surprised there isn’t an option for a male counterpart for those who might be inclined.  There is a leaderboard via Game Center, though it’s kind of pointless as completing the game earns you the highest score on the board and there are already thousands of players at the 100% mark.  There are actually 23 achievements to earn, which actually surprised me.  There is one for each 10% milestone of completion, but I haven’t rooted out the rest of them yet.


This game is a bit tricky to recommend.  If you like unique gaming experiences on your iDevice, you should definitely check it out.  If, however, you’re one of those people that absolutely has to have “bang for the buck”, and by that I mean a game has to last you five or ten hours for every buck you spend, you might need to avoid this.  Unless you take the time to figure out what all the achievements are, the game takes less than an hour to complete all the way through.  If you can handle less play time for something the likes of which you’ve never played before, don’t pass this one up.


App Summary
Title: Progress to 100 Developer: Ludosity AB
Reviewed Ver: 1.101 Min OS Req:  iOS 8.1
Price: $2.99 App Size: 79.69MB
  • Original concept
  • Innovative use of device features
  • Slick minimal design
  • Good voiceover
  • Even after solving some puzzles, the solutions weren’t obvious
  • Leaderboard is pointless
  • Game is short



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