Super Phantom Cat in Review – This Platformer Is The Cat’s Meow


I’ve always loved side scrolling platform games, which I think is one of the reasons I’m such a fan of the 8 / 16 bit console eras.  It’s still one of my favorite genres to indulge in today as long as the game is done right, and Super Phantom Cat is definitely hits the mark in that regards.  The characters are great, the levels are designed well, and the controls are spot on.  The visuals have a look that borrows from bygone days of gaming but adds a touch of modern sensibility, and the soundtrack is just what you’d expect from this type of game.  There’s very little to criticize with this platforming adventure.


It appears that the plot is a simple matter of you being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting saved by a mystical black cat that then sends you on your way.  Apparently you can’t take no for an answer, however, and set out on a quest to find your mysterious savior.  Your journey won’t be simple though, as there are currently 11 worlds to explore, each with several levels to master (so far all but the first world has had 7 levels on it).  If you’ve played any sort of Mario or Mega Man style game you’ll feel instantly at home, as each level is filled with moving and disappearing platforms to navigate, pits of various sizes to cross and all sorts of critters to evade or dispose of.  Thankfully along the way you’ll have help in the form of power ups like a bullet to shoot bricks and bad guys or a teleport so you can get around annoying walls.  There are also robots that can launch you to new heights should you need the vertical boost.

At certain junctures you’ll meet new characters that send you on a quest to collect data.  This data varies in appearance depending on whom you’re collecting it for, but regardless of the character once you’ve collected enough of it you’ll unlock that character.  There are also 3 stars to find on each level.  Luckily if you don’t find all the stars the first time through you can keep going back until you do, and you only have to recover the stars you didn’t get from previous tries.  Also, once you activate a save point on a level any stars you find after that save point are yours to keep upon completion of the level unless you run out of lives first.  This is a nice feature because it encourages you to explore the levels thoroughly, which is necessary if you want to find all of the data.  The designers love to through secret areas in, and there’s not always on obvious clue as to where they might be.  You’ll certainly feel accomplished when you find some of them.


There are two ways to control your currently selected avatar.  You can either use a swipe based system or the old fashioned “controls on the screen” method.  For this particular game I actually prefer the controls.  For me they work just fine on their default settings, but if you want you can move them around the screen and resize them to fit your needs.  While the true joy of Super Phantom Cat comes from conquering all the worlds and unlocking every avatar there is Game Center integration if you need it.  I’m pretty sure the leaderboard has been hacked, since I believe the ranking is based on total stars and there is no way anyone could have earned the top scores on the board.  There are even 9 achievements to earn if the game isn’t fulfilling enough for you.

The first couple of times I played the game I wasn’t real keen about the graphics, but they quickly grew on me.  It’s kind of like taking one of those 3D blocky games, smashing it into a 2D perspective and then applying a high def filter to it.  The special effects are simple but splashy enough to keep things from getting dull, and each of the characters has a nice bit of personality.  The music is fun and fits the whole retro modern feel of the game, but while the sound effects fit the latter part of that description they aren’t real interesting.


The bottom line is that if you like old school platform gaming, Super Phantom Cat is a must.  There are several characters, each with their own personality and often with some sort of special ability.  The levels are well designed and really encourage you to explore everything to make sure you don’t miss some data or a hidden area.  The graphics are really neat and the music is upbeat and complements the mood nicely.  Even the controls are spot on, which is often a tough task for touch screen games.  This is the platform game you are looking for.


App Summary
Title: Super Phantom Cat – Be a jumping bro. Developer: Veewo Games
Reviewed Ver: 1.32 Min OS Req:  iOS 6.0
Price: $1.99 App Size: 65.00MB
  • Well designed levels
  • Exploring is encouraged
  • Controls work extremely well
  • Nice visuals
  • Good music
  • Nothing of note




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