Symmetrica – Minimalistic arcade game in Review: Please Say It Ain’t Over!


I don’t typically get into what I consider “twitch” games, mainly because I’m just not that good at them.  As a result, levels that to me seem like they should be easy and interesting often become frustrating and make me just want to shut off the game.  I would consider Symmetrica a “twitch” game, at least to an extent, and there were times that some levels became frustrating.  In the end, however, the difficulty was well balanced enough that I never wanted to chuck my device across the room, and when I finally did complete certain levels I felt a sense of accomplishment rather than simply sighing in relief that I could move on.


The premise behind Symmetrica is pretty simple.  Each level has multiple arrows on them, and as they turn blue you need to get them into one of the target circles on the screen.  All you have to do is tap the screen to release the arrow, and hopefully it will go flying right into one of the circles.  The trick, however, is that each arrow is travelling along a dotted line, and more often than not that arrow will also be rotating around a given point.  The circles are usually moving as well.  Occasionally the path an arrow travels on might even morph before you get a chance to launch it.  And, there are a couple of levels where you have to launch two arrows at the same time.  Basically, they’re going to make you work to get some of those circles.

The nice thing is that a particular arrow isn’t tied to a particular circle, at least for the most part.  That means you can send each arrow to whichever circle it’s easiest for you to get it to.  You do have to watch out, though, because there is the rare instance where a particular arrow can’t actually reach a certain circle no matter what you do, and if you end up leaving that combination you’ll have to play the board over.  Of course these boards play so quickly that even if you have to learn the hard way the first time you’ll be on the right path rather quickly.


What I really appreciate about Symmetrica is that there is no timer, so the “twitchiness” comes simply from the need to tap at the moment when the blue arrow is pointed in the right direction.  That being said, even though I’m typically not great at this type of game it probably took me less than an hour to finish it.  With no Game Center achievements to earn and no high score table to rank on – neither of which would necessarily make sense for this particular game – there’s not really much in the way of replay value.  As such, it’s a rather short journey to embark on.  Hopefully the developer will be adding some new levels soon.

Symmetrica takes the minimalist approach to its aesthetics.  The graphics are comprised of simple dashed lines for paths and basic circle objects.  The most complex shapes are the arrows, which are still pretty sparse in design.  There isn’t a whole lot in terms of animation or “splash”.  The sound effects take a similar approach, and while they aren’t all that endearing at least they manage not to grate on you either.  The one song in the soundtrack is decent, but it would have been nice to have at least one or two more tracks to listen to, even though the game isn’t that long.


In the end Symmetrica is a great experience that’s over way too soon.  The levels are fun and often quite creative, and even though when they get frustrating you still feel accomplished rather than exhausted once you beat them.  The graphics are great in their simplicity, though the audio department could use a little work.  I just hope they come up with some new levels soon so I can keep on playing.


App Summary
Title: Symmetrica – Minimalistic arcade game Developer: Feavy Games
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req:  iOS 7.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 10.36MB
  • Addictive game play
  • Thoughtful levels
  • Slick minimalistic graphics
  • Over too quickly
  • Audio needs some work


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